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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Weekend Warrior

It's hard to put this weekend into words.  I know, I am a talker, but truly this weekend was stellar.  I will just bombard you with pictures... I think I spent most of it in the boat.  No complaints there.  On Friday, Megan, WimmyM Dodds and Melissa went on a stellar boat ride.  No joke.  We cruised up Shem Creek and found dolphin galore along with my friend Tyler.  Then we headed to the coal tipple to catch the sunset.  Here it is.
Here is Megan.  I kind like her.  A lot.  She look s sweet and innocent, but she's not.  Her mom's an angel though.  She used to the live in the room next to mine.  It was a great time.  Then she ditched me.  To live with a boy.  Bad decision.  I keep praying she will return.  Ain't gonna happen.  I know.
Aren't they kinda cute??  Yeah, I like em.
Here is where I was trying to practice casting the fly rod. It wasn't successful.  Well the casting was 50% successful.  There was minor scuffling on the boat....Mattie took the ones of me fishing.  Just so you know:)
This is how the scuffle ended for the time being.  
After sunset, we rode up the Wando to the Cotton Dock and saw a wedding.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  Nighttime on the boat = my favorite.
After the Cotton Dock we headed home.  It was pitch black dark.  We did spend a minor 2 min in the water pushing the ol boat off of a flat.  Did I mention in was a very, very low tide.  It made for a good time.  On the way back down the Wando, we saw the Riverdog's fireworks.  That led to us going full speed, singing the national anthem in the dark.  We are very patriotic.  

Saturday I helped Megan move furniture.  We found black Jesus.  I will explain that one another day.  I had so much fun hanging with her.  Naturally we hit up the Celadon Outlet.  Agh.  I didn't buy anything.  I'm so proud.  Of myself.  Then I went in the boat again Sat night.  It was beautiful yet again.  The Hipp ladies and I hit up some dinner on the boat. 

Sunday was once again one of my favorites.  Went to church.  Had lunch with Beaffreywan.  The mini Dodds also popped in for a visit.  Then I went home and cleaned out my car.  Very theraputic.  I found some good stuff.  Like a spork and a headlamp.  Then I made a tool box.  I tried to organize the garage.  Played MLB 2K11 on the Xbox.  Then I went down to Hobcaw to find the parentals.  Found em.  They seemed to be enjoying the pool and the masses of people..Then I took the boat out.  Evening time on the boat is quite possibly the best time.  You don't need sunscreen, no crowds, sunsets, happy hour...the list goes on.  Tonight I took some of my other favorites on the boat.  Seriously.  These kids are 100% awesome.  I mean we are basically a 3 man wolf-pack.  With a secret handshake.  Run & tell that.  Plus they got to meet the councilman (They waived signs with me, so it was prolly good that they actually got to meet Herb).  Very exciting..  We headed out around 6 ish.  Did some tubing.  Ate some chicken.  The  kidlets did some swimming and what not.  They also got to see the secret spot.  I must say, the secret spot was in all its glory tonight.  We got there right when the tide turned so we had plenty of water.  The sun was perfect.  It came down slow tonight too so we got to enjoy it.  
 Here is the 3 man wolf-pack.  I mean we look cool.  Right??
 This is one of the reasons I love T.  I mean, who else rocks guns like that?  While shivering because he is freezing cold.
 I kind of loved this tree. 
 I may or may not have casually tricked him into playing a game where I got to make him fall in the water...It was accidental.
 This sunset was gorgeous.  This may be my favorite pic of the night.  I haven't said it in a while, but Thank the Lord I live here.  I mean, seriously, what gets better than watching the sun go down, while hearing birds and bobbing along in the boat?  NADA.  Thank you Lord.  For reals.
I have put too many pictures in this post, but I like it.  So they stay.  Now I am listening to some old school Dave Matthews, while I read, with my favorite candle (from the Anthro).  I surely hope you had a good weekend.  

Until next time,

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