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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

People watching gone bad

So in the past 24 hrs I have come across two different people that have more or less (mostly more) sketched me out.  They weren't even trying.  1st was yesterday afternoon.  I was at the farmer's market.  I was having myself a grand ol time.  I got in the corn line which is the single most delicious thing offered at the farmer's market.  There I was.  So excited.  Until I looked down.  What I thought was a cute little 10yr oldish girl, was actually terrifying.  She was holding a snake.  Well, I can't do snakes.  I started freaking out.  May have gagged.  I had to evacuate pronto.  With no kettle corn.  Mission failed.  Take a look:
I mean, who besides Britney Spears has snakes??  I was just beside myself.  I still am.  After that, Mattie and I went to Sully's to catch the sunset.  While there, something more freaky came across our path.  I have no words to describe the situation.  No idea why she as dressed how she was or what the occasion. Nonetheless, I was slightly disturbed.  Want to see?
Yes.  Woman in a veil.  Older woman.  Maybe she is a princess or something.  *Disclaimer: If you happen to know either of these people, please refrain from showing them this.  It is not meant in a bad way.  Also, I prolly shouldn't snap their pic without them you get the drift.  After being in disturbia I needed something to clear this lil mind.  So tonight I headed to Pitt St. bridge to check out the sunset and full moon.  Here is what I found:
(Sully's yesterday)

(So beautiful)
 (Rutledge was out paddling)
 (Kind of heavenly)

 (Bunch of paddlers coming in with their headlamps on)

I seriously could watch the sunset every single night.  So majestic.  Magical if you will.  Here is a lil nugget about me.  I love old school music.  While taking these nighttime pics, I was listening to Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire."  It's a good one.  Also Fleetwood Mac's "Never going back again."  Makes for a good time.  I listen to "I'm on Fire" every single day on the way to work.  Got to love The Boss.  I would also like to add that Tessa is back in the 843.  Thank you Lord!

Love you longtime,

PS- The experiment is going rather well.  I feel like a new woman.  Alright, that may be on the dramatic side, but I do feel much more at ease.  Goodbye burnout.  I thought it was supposed to be for just 1 week.  Apparently it is supposed to be for much longer. We will see how it goes:)

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