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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Betty's Motorcycle Diaries

I am about to reveal a secret about myself that nobody knows (Unless I told them and have no recollection of it) (which could definitely be a strong possibility).  I have a secret love.  (not the person kind)  I dream if you will.  So here it comes... I have a secret love for a Triumph Motorcycle. (I know most of you are disappointed by this revelation.) Sorry to disappoint.  Don't worry, I still have legit crushes, but I absolutely will not reveal them on the internet.  That would not be good.  I have to remain at least 2% mysterious.  Back to the bike.  Ever since seeing Matthew Mcconahottie ride one in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, I have loved them.  I have been bored lately and looking them up on my spare time..It's what cool people do...obvi.  Here is a pic for you:

Isn't it cool?? I kind of love the bejunk out of it.  Any who, if I ever have just loads of cash sitting around, I think that I am going to get one.  Herb will not like this.  Not even 1%.  He told me a long long time ago, that if he ever wanted to get rid of me then he would get me a motorcycle..Oh well.  He did however always tell me to go after my dreams...Not sure if this counts.  I know it's not that cool for girls to ride motorcycles, but this bike is really cool.  And it's old school.  Classic and vintage.  At the same time.  I mean, PINK even rides a triumph and she is a bad *ss.  A lil scary sometimes though.  I could totally see myself riding this over to Boulevard Diner or to the Farmers Market.  Just going for a little cruise about the town.  Gah.  I would even get a cute helmet to go with it.

Want to know what would make this lil dream even better?? If one of these guys was riding it with me:

These fellas are all rocking a triumph.  Nough said.  I am just going to keep on dreaming....Don't judge.

Dreaming of the wind in my hair and the throttle in my hand,

Betty B


  1. This is hysterical... I literally had the SAME thought today that I really, really, REALLY want a motorcycle to jet around town in for work appointments. I think I'd have to figure out a way to hide it from matt alexander and that would be no easy task. He would want me to have one maybe -2000%

  2. I don't know how I feel about the throttle in the hand part...just saying...