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Friday, June 3, 2011

A day at the office

Have you ever seen the Office (tv show)?  I'm sure you have.  Well here at Sass Herrin, we are the living reality of that show.  Multiple times a day there is either a Star Wars or a Star Trek reference.  They are nerds.  Then there are several chats about weapons.  It seems that everyone has one.  Or 20.  Then you can hear my dad's very unique laugh coming out of his office.  Somebody (me) cusses out the printer at least twice a day.  The boys try to ditch me everyday at lunch time.  We have a mysterious cat lady who seems to be feeding the wild cats and raccoons.  We have not apprehended her yet.  I don't normally post on here about the office, because I'm always scared that someone will read it.  Well, I would be doing you a dis-service if I didn't write this because it makes me laugh so much.  So in October, we got a new appraiser.  Let's call him B.  He went to the Citadel and hiked the App. Trail all by himself, did a nasty body detox and what not, so he is clearly the golden child.  He's prolly an Eagle Scout too...For 1.5 yrs I was all by my lonesome.  The lone lil fish in the pond.  A 1 man wolfpack.  But then B came and I was no longer at the bottom.  Plus he talks to me (unlike the others).  He even lets me listen to Michael Buble for 10 mins before he tells me to put headphones on.  Now B is a bit green.  He is a recycling monster.  He put bins in the office, takes them out, fishes through my trash on the hunt for plastic...Just when I was starting to feel pretty good about the office chemistry and team of people, he dropped a bomb on us.  He is departing.  To be a Federal Air Marshall.  Hear that all the time don't ya?  So there has been some funny conversations going on in the office in the past 2 days. Especially about terrorists and what not.   Here is my favorite:
(I shall preface this with B asking F or me to takeover the recycling.  It didn't go over as smooth as he had planned.  F isn't big on green and I don't want to lug those things down the road to the S&S....Lazy I know)

B: F, do you think you can handle the recycling?
F: I'm not sure I'm the one for the job
B:What can I do to encourage you to recycle?
F: Every time I take out the recycling you have to shoot a terrorist.
B: If that will keep yall staying green, then I'll do it.

This is how we operate.  Don't worry, we will keep recycling.  But, I guess I'm back to being on the bottom...


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