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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Betty the M.O.H.

So go ahead and laugh.  I did too.  Still do.  I received this lovely portrait in the mail last week.  Along with some questions. Like will you be in my wedding?  & How do you feel about being the maid of honor?  The questions were open ended and she said I could get back to her later....Side note-It is not good to give me open-ended ?'s because it is likely that I will not voluntarily answer them.  Just speaking the truth.  Let me rewind.  (I may get in trouble for this, but I'm not positive.  I am not supposed to disclose too much, but I have never really had a good gauge for that..This is more about me anyways)  Betty has been on a bit of a sabbatical of sorts.  From many things.   Weddings especially.  However, one of my besties (Logan) got engaged last month so I started to get that nervous feeling, but I honestly didn't know how things were going to go down.   I mean, one never knows how all of this goes down until it happens.  Well I had a few missed calls from the blushing bride to be, so I started to wonder if this was it.  Naturally, I went into avoid/withdraw mode and was a bit slack in getting back to her.  Sorry Logs.  She actually gave me a little warning before the lovely portrait from above arrived at the Girl Palace.  I think I finally called her back on a Friday.  While at work.  She said I should sit down.  I knew it was a comin.  A waive of nausea set in (the good kind), but I held my ground.  I contemplated lying about a conference call or something, but let's be honest, I am not important enough to have conference calls.  They do sound cool though.  She knows me pretty well, so I think she was expecting it.  She popped the question quickly. Of course, I gave a nervous laugh, then gracefully accepted.  No where near ready for the next part.  She then said she had something else.  I thought she was going to ask me to rap during her 1st dance or something.  Or do a synchronized dance at the reception (which I would have gladly accepted:) Nah.  She said, "Sass, will you be my m.o.h?"  M.o.h?  What the heck is a m.o.h?  She then explained.  MAID. OF. HONOR.  I was a bit silent.  You know, a true lady composes her thoughts before she speaks....I think I may have actually forgotten to breathe for a spell.  Thoughts came rushing in the ole head.  I mean, I have no idea how to be a m.o.h.  What's the protocol?  Where is the handbook?  I can't walk in heels?  I have no makeup?  OMG.  I may need a date!  every m.o.h always has a date.  Well actually they usually have a boyfriend or a fiance, but I'm not even going there.  I'm not graceful.  Everyone watches you because by the time you come tripping down the aisle, they just want the bride.  The bachelorette weekend.  I think that falls under the m.o.h.  Decisions.  I am so not good at making decisions.  Bad ones maybe....All of these thoughts started racing through my head.  Anxiety started building up.  I think I was about to lose consciousness when Logan got my attention back.  I'm telling you, she knows me well people.  She assured me that all would be fine.  And that I would be able to be a legit m.o.h.  (You know, a lil confidence kick in the rear.  Some boosting)  I soon began to realize, that yes, Betty could be up for this challenge.  Right Betty?  So here we are.  Several weddings under Betty's bridesmaid belt.  Now we are a m.o.h.  Who would have ever thought that I would ever be a m.o.h?  (I never did)  Word.  Proud of it.  So Logs, get ready because Betty is in serious bridesmaidenship training.  Starting now.  You won't even know what hit you.  I am on the bridesmaid regime.  The m.o.h. extreme regime.  I will look at dresses.  Go to tastings.  Maybe wear lipstick.  Maybe get my ears pierced.  Plan things.  Learn to use a calender.  Learn proper etiquette.  Get a filter.  Learn some dances besides the wheelchair and the sprinkler.  I will make you proud.  All in the name of Betty.  So here we go.  You won't know what hit you.

In it to win it,

Betty Bridesmaid, the m.o.h

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Campaign Trail...IS OVER

Thank you Lord.  Last night was a good night for the Sass fam and all of our campaign supporters.  We all waited in suspense at the campaign party as each of us reported the numbers from our assigned precincts.  At about 8pm we calculated that we won with the unofficial results of 67% to 33%.  We were more than elated.  Not only because dad won, but because all that dang sign holding and knocking on complete strangers doors was not in vain.  It paid off....  Now I can have a somewhat normal life.  No more leaving work to go look like a sketch ball on the side of the road waiving to complete strangers all by my lonesome.  No more road side chats with Calvin about how he can turn my water into wine.  (I may not have told y'all about that one)  No more counting the vial of life stickers on all of the doors I knocked on.  There are quite a few in the Groves/Cooper Estates areas....I think I may get a good nights sleep.  I can feel the anxiety levels lowering.  I may have friends again.  I think things are looking up.

I'm going to share a completely ridiculous thought with you. DISCLAIMER- Ginny Sass do not be offended.  I think this is funny and not meant in any negative way.  While the whole family and 6 of our other helpers were standing at the foot of the bridge waiving, Mr. Hartnett drove by and yelled "Sass for President."  Of course we all laughed because that could never happen & it would be probably the worst thing I could ever imagine (I would however like being able to travel by helicopter and be surrounded by really cute secret service men all day long).  Then we all got silent.  Dad, Lili & I all made the perfect eye contact.  OH MY GOSH.  What if Ginny (mom) was in the White House.  Then our minds and mouths started racing.  Let me paint you a picture of how the ol White House would fair.  First off, all of the furniture would get re-arranged on a weekly basis.  Things would get mosaicked.  Like coffee tables from George Washington, bowling balls and antique mirrors.  All would be covered in pottery that was crushed up right there in the kitchen.  Her dog, Costa (the yellow one) would eat all of the remotes in the White House.  And all of the bars of soap.  Folly (the big black dog) would be asleep on her back on some antique sofa.  Ebay, Etsy or Jackson and Perkins boxes would be delivered on a daily basis.   She would most likely have a really nice screen porch built in the backyard where her and her secret service men + a few international delegates would sit and drink champagne or eat Popsicles.  You think First Lady Obama has a garden?  She got nothing on Ginny.  You would look through the gates and see mom pushing a tiller, tilling up the White House lawn to make room for all of her flowers and roses.  She would be planting up a storm in her Winnie the Pooh overalls.  Gnomes would be all over the place.  There would be bottle trees and party lights galore.  And if she could really go all out, there would be a pool.  And a cabana.  And a cute cabana boy (I would not complain about that one).  I can just see it now.  Mom, Mrs. Margaret, Martha and Vickey, floating in the pool while sipping their margaritas.   She could throw some good parties.  That's as far as I let my thoughts go.  I mean, I think it could be fun....

Peace out,
The Councilman's daughter....hahaha

PS- check out the photo on the front page of the Moultrie News....Pretty cool:)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Somebunny had a good Easter

We had Easter at Boone Hall today and I'm just going to tell you that it was AWESOME.  It was beautiful.  The music was awesome.  Steve re-enacted some Lion King.  I saw people that I love.  There is something almost magical when you are out there, at one of Charleston's most beloved landmarks, worshipping with thousands of people.  Herb & Lili came too, so that was cool.  That being said, I think it is time for yall to see the Sass family in all their glory.  For some reason I die laughing at these next few pictures...We decided to have a little family photo shoot when we were at the yacht club....
These are the head women.  This picture is seriously cracking me up.  They look so important up there.  They are not even posing.  Those are their natural poses.  My aunt Anne is in the green.  She's married to Uncle Doug.  Mom is in the middle.  In the elegant white.  Her identical younger sister, Vickey (other aunt) is in the cool jacket.  They look so poised.
 Here are all of the Sass' that are currently residing in the 843.  Two cousins are missing, but that's neither here nor there.  Dad, David and Uncle Doug are in the back.  Lili (yellow dress) is my younger sister.  Now the character to the right of Lili is Uncle Chick.  Dad and Uncle Doug's uncle.  I can't quite find the words to describe Uncle Chick.  He is unique.  He is also brilliant.  He went to Harvard.  He is the slowest moving human being I have ever come into contact with.  Always has mismatched shoes.  He causes some family discussion every once in a while...He also has been wearing that same jacket since 1793.  He has some eccentric tendencies, but we are learning how to cope.  This next one makes me chuckle.  Here is the fam.  And then there is uncle Chick...Guess he doesn't want to get too close...He also has a lovely bumper sticker on his car that says, "Free the South, End U.S. Rule."
 So there we are.  Don't judge. We can be cool.  I'm thinking of making a lil submission to awkward family

This is how my Easter ended:

It was magical.

2 more days until the big election.  DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE....


Thursday, April 21, 2011


no comment.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Betty goes domestic once again

I did something very domestic this past week.  Can I get some snaps??  Ok, ok.  So we had this purple piece of furniture in our garage.  Just sitting there.  All lonely, wanting to be loved.
Here it is in all its glory:

There are actually a lot of things in the Girl Palace garage.  Much of it is unclaimed from past girl palacettes (ones who once resided here, until they traded us in for husbands...bad choice) or it just magically appeared.  I like to think that if something sits untouched at the palace for 1 year, then it is totally fair game.  I hereby declare that the new rule.  So come claim your goods, they are going fast.  Anywho, I decided to adopt the purple piece.  I have never refinished anything before.  So I was keeping the expectations low.  I borrowed a sander, turned up some Dianna Ross & The Supremes and got my sanding on.  It was actually fun.  After 2 days of sanding and priming, I went down to Royal Hardware.  I annoyed the paint man to death because I wasn't sure about the color.  I told him that I was too indecisive on what shade of white and he said he doesn't pick other people's colors.  We were at a standstill.  Finally, I played some hardball and got him to pick.  We went with a mixture of antique white and something else, but I can't remember.  Then I got to work.  It was actually very theraputic and I went on several really good musical journeys.  I picked up a few knobs at Anthro and put on the finishing touches.  It's not perfect, but I did it so it makes me appreciate it a little more.  And now the once rejected purple piece is antique white and living in the palace again!
Some people's trash is another person's treasure.  Treasure may be a little strong here, but I think I shall keep the piece.

Alright.  That's it for now.  Hope you had a good day!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh the boat times

Alright.  Seriously.  I live in the most beautiful place.  Two nights in a row I have witnessed the lowcountry at her finest.  My friend Rutledge (he's the one who taught me how to catch the moon last night) went on the boat for another lil photography expedition.  Honestly, I was just happy to be on my boat.  Oh how I have missed you boat.  I'm glad we are friends again.  I wasn't exactly sure where we should go, but when we were discussing our game plan, it turned out that we actually had the same place in mind.  So we headed out.  25 years I have lived here.  Not once do I ever remember going to check out the old railroad on the other side of drum Island.  It was awesome.  The pictures truly do not even portray the real thing, but its all I've got.  Nothing better than a boat+sunset+a good beer.  In my book at least.  Trying to keep it simple folks.  
Here is how I ended my day:

I may be obsessed with photography now.  Sorry in advance.  I see more pics in the future.  I also finished a little home project, but I will save those pics for later.  Hope you also had a delightful time & made it outside to enjoy it!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Marvelous night for a moondance

Tonight was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!  I have lived here all of my 25 years and it was one of the most surreal and magical scenes that I have scene in a long time.  I headed down to the Pitt St. bridge around 6pm to meet a friend and take some pictures.  Now I am no pro with the camera, but I have been wanting to learn some new tricks and it just so happens that someone volunteered to help.  When we first got there it was a little crowded, but people were sifting out, slowly, but surely.  As soon as I hopped out of the car  I felt at ease.  The wind was blowing just the perfect amount and I can't even describe the smell.  It was the subtle pluff mud smell, not the overly strong kind.  The kind that you can breathe in all day long.  Those of you not from here will probably never understand it, but it is a good smell.  Plus the tide was roaring in.  High tide+sunset=my ALL time favorite part of the day.  The sun was still high so we just strolled and took some pics.  I know I say this all of the time, but I am so thankful to live here.  Seriously.  I literally just had to stop and breathe it all in.  All that was missing was a Blue Moon.  Next time...  We chatted until the sun decided to make it's quick descent under the horizon.  Lucky for you, I snapped a whole lot of pictures. 
 Here are a few of my favorites:

Here is when my favorite part happened.  The sun was setting pretty good and then we turned around and the biggest, fattest and most amazing moon was right on the other side waiting for us to give it some attention.  And we did.  It was so pretty.  I would go as far as to say magical.  I love a good moon.  Seriously.  I could look at the moon all night long.  There is something special about watching it rise, because it is still light out.  It's straight majestic.  Creation at it's best.  You can't not look at it and be amazed.  The pictures really don't do it any justice.  But I tried....Did I mention that I absolutely love it here??  Just wanted you to know.
Here are some moon shots that I love:

The whole time I was looking at the moon, I kept singing Van Morrison's "Moondance," because the moonlight was dancing across the water.  Sorry to get cheesy here, but it totally warrants it.  Wish you were there to see it too.  Awesome day.  I also got to go to Litchfield with some of my favorite people over the weekend.  We went to Anthro where I picked up a few lil trinkets....  Then I came home.  Watched a lot of 24 episodes with some of my favorite people.  Today is also THE BETH SIMMON'S 26th Birthday!!  Wahoo.  Happy B-day Beff.  I love you.  A whole lot.  So there you have it.  It was a good time.  Hope your weekend was good too:)

Good night moon,