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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Campaign Trail...IS OVER

Thank you Lord.  Last night was a good night for the Sass fam and all of our campaign supporters.  We all waited in suspense at the campaign party as each of us reported the numbers from our assigned precincts.  At about 8pm we calculated that we won with the unofficial results of 67% to 33%.  We were more than elated.  Not only because dad won, but because all that dang sign holding and knocking on complete strangers doors was not in vain.  It paid off....  Now I can have a somewhat normal life.  No more leaving work to go look like a sketch ball on the side of the road waiving to complete strangers all by my lonesome.  No more road side chats with Calvin about how he can turn my water into wine.  (I may not have told y'all about that one)  No more counting the vial of life stickers on all of the doors I knocked on.  There are quite a few in the Groves/Cooper Estates areas....I think I may get a good nights sleep.  I can feel the anxiety levels lowering.  I may have friends again.  I think things are looking up.

I'm going to share a completely ridiculous thought with you. DISCLAIMER- Ginny Sass do not be offended.  I think this is funny and not meant in any negative way.  While the whole family and 6 of our other helpers were standing at the foot of the bridge waiving, Mr. Hartnett drove by and yelled "Sass for President."  Of course we all laughed because that could never happen & it would be probably the worst thing I could ever imagine (I would however like being able to travel by helicopter and be surrounded by really cute secret service men all day long).  Then we all got silent.  Dad, Lili & I all made the perfect eye contact.  OH MY GOSH.  What if Ginny (mom) was in the White House.  Then our minds and mouths started racing.  Let me paint you a picture of how the ol White House would fair.  First off, all of the furniture would get re-arranged on a weekly basis.  Things would get mosaicked.  Like coffee tables from George Washington, bowling balls and antique mirrors.  All would be covered in pottery that was crushed up right there in the kitchen.  Her dog, Costa (the yellow one) would eat all of the remotes in the White House.  And all of the bars of soap.  Folly (the big black dog) would be asleep on her back on some antique sofa.  Ebay, Etsy or Jackson and Perkins boxes would be delivered on a daily basis.   She would most likely have a really nice screen porch built in the backyard where her and her secret service men + a few international delegates would sit and drink champagne or eat Popsicles.  You think First Lady Obama has a garden?  She got nothing on Ginny.  You would look through the gates and see mom pushing a tiller, tilling up the White House lawn to make room for all of her flowers and roses.  She would be planting up a storm in her Winnie the Pooh overalls.  Gnomes would be all over the place.  There would be bottle trees and party lights galore.  And if she could really go all out, there would be a pool.  And a cabana.  And a cute cabana boy (I would not complain about that one).  I can just see it now.  Mom, Mrs. Margaret, Martha and Vickey, floating in the pool while sipping their margaritas.   She could throw some good parties.  That's as far as I let my thoughts go.  I mean, I think it could be fun....

Peace out,
The Councilman's daughter....hahaha

PS- check out the photo on the front page of the Moultrie News....Pretty cool:)


  1. Sara Sass, you just made me laugh so hard. You can make fun all you want but you and your friends would be begging and crying for invites to my "dos." The White House and country would be a far better and way more fun with me as first lady.

    Your mother,


  2. Mom-
    you spelled my name wrong. I am your first born...

  3. ahaha sarah u need to get spell check in your first paragraph if your gonna b a famous writer

  4. Great post. Glad it is all over for you all!

  5. you wrote the word "rode" instead of "road" when referring to yourself as a sketchball... but hey i will gladly proof read all your writings so no worries!