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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Somebunny had a good Easter

We had Easter at Boone Hall today and I'm just going to tell you that it was AWESOME.  It was beautiful.  The music was awesome.  Steve re-enacted some Lion King.  I saw people that I love.  There is something almost magical when you are out there, at one of Charleston's most beloved landmarks, worshipping with thousands of people.  Herb & Lili came too, so that was cool.  That being said, I think it is time for yall to see the Sass family in all their glory.  For some reason I die laughing at these next few pictures...We decided to have a little family photo shoot when we were at the yacht club....
These are the head women.  This picture is seriously cracking me up.  They look so important up there.  They are not even posing.  Those are their natural poses.  My aunt Anne is in the green.  She's married to Uncle Doug.  Mom is in the middle.  In the elegant white.  Her identical younger sister, Vickey (other aunt) is in the cool jacket.  They look so poised.
 Here are all of the Sass' that are currently residing in the 843.  Two cousins are missing, but that's neither here nor there.  Dad, David and Uncle Doug are in the back.  Lili (yellow dress) is my younger sister.  Now the character to the right of Lili is Uncle Chick.  Dad and Uncle Doug's uncle.  I can't quite find the words to describe Uncle Chick.  He is unique.  He is also brilliant.  He went to Harvard.  He is the slowest moving human being I have ever come into contact with.  Always has mismatched shoes.  He causes some family discussion every once in a while...He also has been wearing that same jacket since 1793.  He has some eccentric tendencies, but we are learning how to cope.  This next one makes me chuckle.  Here is the fam.  And then there is uncle Chick...Guess he doesn't want to get too close...He also has a lovely bumper sticker on his car that says, "Free the South, End U.S. Rule."
 So there we are.  Don't judge. We can be cool.  I'm thinking of making a lil submission to awkward family

This is how my Easter ended:

It was magical.

2 more days until the big election.  DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE....