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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Birds of a Feather

Don't flock together.  At least in this situation.  We had small group Monday night. I went.  Which is actually a feat in itself because I haven't exactly won the award for best attendance.  But who's counting...I was waiting out side for our fearless leader, Biz to arrive.  And arrive she did.  Before I can even say hey, she declares that she may have killed a bird.  I am somewhat apathetic because it happens all the time.  Whether by car or by weapon...Little did I realize that her dead bird was currently attached to her car.  Yes.  She had been driving around with a sweet, little cute bird wedged and hanging from her bumper.  Classy.  So, of course I have to man up and remove it.  You know we took pictures.... Totally normal..right?

 Gets me every time.  PETA has been called...
 I kind of remind myself of Bear Grylls or Macgyver.  Just look at those survival skills

(I am not touching the bird. I made it a lil cradle thing bc I was about to gag)  I was very joyful.  And graceful.  We gave it a proper burial. 

What do yall do at your life group???


  1. I was hoping you would post about this! I am glad you got that little thing out of choke hold it was in. Still amazing it was there all day, poor little bird!

  2. look how nasty the front of my car is. i'm surprised we didn't find more than that stuck in there...

  3. i just wet my pants laughing. i love you.