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Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh the boat times

Alright.  Seriously.  I live in the most beautiful place.  Two nights in a row I have witnessed the lowcountry at her finest.  My friend Rutledge (he's the one who taught me how to catch the moon last night) went on the boat for another lil photography expedition.  Honestly, I was just happy to be on my boat.  Oh how I have missed you boat.  I'm glad we are friends again.  I wasn't exactly sure where we should go, but when we were discussing our game plan, it turned out that we actually had the same place in mind.  So we headed out.  25 years I have lived here.  Not once do I ever remember going to check out the old railroad on the other side of drum Island.  It was awesome.  The pictures truly do not even portray the real thing, but its all I've got.  Nothing better than a boat+sunset+a good beer.  In my book at least.  Trying to keep it simple folks.  
Here is how I ended my day:

I may be obsessed with photography now.  Sorry in advance.  I see more pics in the future.  I also finished a little home project, but I will save those pics for later.  Hope you also had a delightful time & made it outside to enjoy it!



  1. So, I love taking pictures, and we should go some time!!!!! And hang out more to say the least!

  2. sas, you are incredible! i LOVE THESE PICS! i can imagine the sound of the motor, smell the salt & creosote, feel the boat hurrying to catch the sunset and taste the"you know"