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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bachelorette & Sunsets

This weekend was Camille's Bachelorette weekend.  You know, crazy debauchery, wild stories, mike tyson and a tiger, casinos, broken teeth, crazy little asian men.  It was crazy.  Just kidding.  It was actually quite relaxing.  I happened to read an entire book in one sitting (one of my fav things to do).  I read Keys to the Castle.  Good little love story by the way.  I also got fried.  Not good.  1st and only of summer 2k11.  I was so lost in wedding talk that I forgot to apply some SPF.  We lounged, napped, ate, drank and repeated the cycle several times.  This was with some of my best friends from good ol Wando.  Logan and I interpretive danced to some Celine Dion.   Sat night we had a little gift giving.  Then my favorite part...dancing.  Word. Something happens to me when music comes on.  I had only had 1 margarita too.  It's totes natural.  No lie, this home girl can bust a move sometimes.  When we take group pics, we have to make paper plates for those who are not present.  I don't do well with this part of the process, but I'm trying to cope..  Here we are in all of our glory:
I came back Saturday night.  Went to visit my friend Tyler's new pad.  Super shweet.  She also has a blog that I will be loyally reading.  She is quite possibly the funniest person that I know.  Check it out:  Today I went to church, lunch, confirmation, kicked some DuPre tails in home run derby, campaigned and & stopped by the Hipp house to catch a glimpse of the sunset.  Seriously people, we live in the best place.  Your loss if you don't take advantage and appreciate.  How could you not love this?

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