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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Up the Creek

Today was Tuesday.  Some Tuesdays are more special than others.  My friend Tyler Yahtzee McCoy and I have a tradition.  It's called Non Year Team Tuesday.  Since 2 of my roommates get to do year team, along with some other friends (Yahtzee did it last year) we celebrate.  This was our 4th in a row:)  Sometimes we have some food, but we mostly gather together to have good sarcastic and inn appropriate sparring and watch as many episodes as we can.  Just one problem.  Tyler has faulty equipment and we have no remote.  So that means no skipping episodes.  You have to endure whatever is on the disk that you put on.  And whatever you don't finish- is dunzo because you would have to re-watch all of the previous episodes to get to the next...  I am most likely the worst person to watch Dawson's Creek with because 1) I was once 100% obsessed and have seen every episode many a times 2) I like to say what is about to happen and or quote the lines 3) I used to think my life was in Capeside (questionable I know).  I was living and breathing Dawson's Creek whenever possible..  It is very different watching it now.  There are several characters that I can't stand.  The used impossible vocabulary for high school kids.  I am 26 nd do not know what a lot the words are...  I still have a crush on Pacey and Jack,  Why o why did they have to make Jack gay.  Gosh.  Anyways, tonight I will focus on the character that drives me the most crazy.  ABBY MORGAN.  She was mean.  Total you know what..  She died in one of tonight's episodes.  Too much champagne and rolled right off a dock.  Then Jenn blames Andy and so on.  Very intense.  Here she is:
So that's my analysis of today's non Year Team Tuesday.  Tyler made homemade coconut macaroons.  They were beautiful.  If only I could like coconut... I will leave you with my Creek crushes...

 Then I came across this one which pretty much describes Dawson... Such a Pansy.  But he did help me through high school so I guess he will have to do...
Tomorrow I will bring you another Belk's breakdown... Pre-wedding style...


  1. Helloooo one of your roommates does NOT do Year Team and wants to come play

  2. Dawsoms Creek + Sass' Blog? Fave blogosphere post. I can't decide what part I liked the most: reminding me about Abby Morgan, or Dawson's picture at the end. Either way...loved the trip down memory lane.