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Sunday, October 23, 2011

That's what she said.

This weekend I got to go on the St. A's Impact Retreat.  I will be honest, I was a tiddle bit hesitant.  Only because I'm not the most enthusiastic about things of this nature.  And I was still exhausted from my Maid of Honor duties last weekend.  But, I couldn't resist getting the chance to hang with "Fight Club" over the weekend.  So we headed out on the bus (reason 1 why I don't like retreats).  It wasn't bad.  And I had Dt. Dew and kettle corn, so I was able to make it.  We were divided into small groups.  The weekend was awesome. Our small group dominated.  100%.  I got to play bass for the first time, which was super fun. I got my first bun and braid in the ol hair.  We also mis used the term "that's what she said"  over 1 million times.   I think I tucked in like 20 girls on sat night...  I really feel like we grew together as a group.  I got the opportunity to pray with some really great kids.  It's so cool to see them have special moments and get to be a part of it.  Plus, there was a lot of hang out time which I happen to be a fan of.  Like so:
 I lurv them lots:)
Sister pic:) 
 Just look at them..How could you not want to have spontaneous dance parties and show tunes?
 Crouching tiger hidden dragon?
 I tried Yoga..  Fail.
 Night mere saved my life.
 Fight Club = DOMINATION.
 I got to sport my first bun.  I think I could totes be a samurai... Just saying.
All in all- It was a stellar weekend.  I am so so so tired.  Thank goodness I will not awake tomorrow to "Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey".....  Or have to wear shoes in the shower.  Or eat bacon that tastes like fish. Amen.  Catch you cats on the flipside.  

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