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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stressfest 2K11

You heard right.  There is a stressfest going down over here at the girl palace and I'm the guest of honor.  And I want out.  I'm over this party.  Geez.  I kid you not, I think I have found a gray hair.  If you didn't know, I am a bottler upper.  Someone who rolls with the punches, bottles things up, and then has a meltdown.  Its not good.  Today and some other days this week, I have popped the bottle.  The littlest things are causing my emotions to rupture.  It just so happened that today is when I reached the end of my rope.  I was dropping something by the church and popped downstairs where 2 of my shweet small groupers (our small group is called FIGHT CLUB and it just so happens to have the best high school girls in the universe in it) are interning.  I walked in and completely disrupted their working...  They looked a lil down in the dumps so I barged in to the convo.  Next thing I know, I am melting down too.  It was a triangle of trauma if you will.  So we all dropped our junk.  Nothing better than getting to meltdown with 2 of my fav high schoolers...  Dropping junk is always good for the soul right? Want to know some of mine??  Okay.  1-I just paid a lot of bills and I'm not 100% that my lil nest egg can support it (that's a real fun one huh?)  Who needs a babysitter?  2-All of my friends are getting hitched.  This is a touchy subject.  I'm NOT saying this bc I am all sad that I don't have a bf.  But, what if I have to become an old maid?  Real exciting.  I haven't even met someone that I've really really liked... 3-There are too many things that I want to do (this is a positive and a negative).  I want to finish my writing of the book.  I want to be a photographer.  I want to do something great.  I want to do something worthwhile.  I have all of these little ideas flooding my thoughts all day long and I am so bogged down that I can't even make them happen.  4-I want to go to grad school.  All of the information is completely overwhelming me.  To the extreme.  I am also 67% scared to apply due to fear of rejection.  I thought I was past this one, but it seems to be rearing its ugly head all up in my grill.  Then the thought of working full time and doing grad school is a bit tiring.  5- this shall be my last one for today.  I think disappointment is getting me down.  Little ones.  Big ones.  It doesn't matter.  They all stink.  I'm going to have to get over that one quick.  So there you have it.  Welcome to today's stressfest.

On a better note, last night I received a Cuisinart Griddler for my birthday from a very sweet friend.  It is a panini press, griddle, and grill all in one.  Its pretty cool looking and I am very excited to test it out.  I may have to try out one of the bacon wrapped fillets on that bad boy.  Yum Yum.  I also got to go see Meredith and some others rock it at the Wando chorus concert. It was awesome!  The traffic getting out there- not so awesome.  But hearing show choir sing Eye of the Tiger made it okay.  Alright people, I've got to clean my room because it is the one thing I can control...ha ha.  I'm out.


But these makes me smile. A lot.
I love a good trip down memory lane.  
Peace Out.

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