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Friday, October 7, 2011

Tis the Seasons

I am a seasonal woman.  And I am ready for the fall/winter.  I love when everything changes color. When the weather gets cool and you can wear a long sleeve shirt and duck boots and not go into a heat stroke.  I love going to the country in the winter.  When the marsh grass turns brown and the sun is so bright.  The cooler season brings lots of things that I love: oysters, hunting, fires, long sleeve t shirts, smores, Christmas decorations, hot chocolate, presents, Christmas movies, long rides in the car with the windows down while rocking to a stellar mix and being on the water.  I love going in the boat on the off season.  I have the water all to myself.  I took this pic last winter.  I love duck hunting.  This picture makes me want to duck hunt like mad.  Or even just be outside.  I love hunting because once you drag your sleepy self out of the nice warm bed, you get to see nature.  You see the sun rise.  You see light breaking through the trees and it really is beautiful.  It's so peaceful and calm.  The key is also to do it with someone that you really enjoy being with.  It seems as if I have gotten the photography bug.  Real bad.  Back to seasons- lately I have been grouping things into seasons.  Not just the weather, but life.  Right now I am in a unique season.  I think I will call my current season the "Hodge Podge."  Because it is comprised of many diff little things.  I am working, but still young.  I am busy, but also have a lot of time to devote to important things.  I am trying out new things.  I am learning so much.  About life, myself, others and faith.  It's crazy.  I have new friends and I have old friends.  One thing that I have been particularly excited about is that I feel like I have really great friends.  Young and old.  Thankfully, my friends don't seem to be seasonal.  And I am so glad:)  So that's all I've got for today.  I'm out.

Tis the season!

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