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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reflections of Betty Bridesmaid, MOH

(This may be a long one-read at your own risk)  This weekend was a straight up whirlwind.  If you didn't know my best friend, Logan, became Mrs. Mark Reynolds Chandler this weekend.  Wow, even just typing that brought lil baby tears to my eyes.  Logan and I have been friends for a really long time.  She is one of the best people that I know and I love her a whole heck of a lot.  She gets my sense of humor, I get hers and we tend to constantly laugh at each other.   We are were destined to be friends.  In my opinion.
That being said, when she got engaged I was 97% really excited.  Only 3% sentimental slash sad (in a good way).  Sad because she may not need me as much anymore.  You know, since she will have a hubby and all...  After she was engaged, she called me one day.  Now I have been around the bridesmaid block a few times.  I had a sense that she was going to ask me to be a maid.  I was shocked slash traumatized when she asked me to be her MOH (maid of honor).  I think I may have hung up or not responded.  I finally breathed again and accepted the position.  I had MOH anxiety all through the engagement.  I don't know what I was worried about.  Actually that's a lie.  I know why.  I'm scared of the dress, I don't know how to do makeup or wear makeup, I don't like standing in front of everyone and I always feel way way way too vulnerable  So I was nervous.  As the wedding approached I began to get really excited.  Then I got the dress and realized it wasn't going to be horrible.  Then I started thinking about my friend.  It's so cool to see someone that you love transform into a bride.  That being said, our wedding festivus began on Thurs morning with a bride and MOH mani pedi.  It was funny.  Then we had a good ol bbq dinner at the Stout compound.  On Fri we had the rehearsal.  I know you have been waiting on the fascinator to made its debut.  Well I busted it out at the rehearsal.  And I kinda ABSOLUTELY loved it.  I don't know why, but it made me feel a bit sassy.  It got some pretty good reviews also.  
 The bride also loved it..
It may have to become a standard in my fashion wardrobe..  You know, for special occasions.  After taking forever at the church, we headed to dinner at the MTP waterfront park. It was beautiful.  We wined and dined and gave toasts.  I didn't realize just how honored I was to be the MOH until I was standing up there making up a toast.  I just got flooded in emotion.  I was just looking at them and realized how much they love each other and how much I love them.  Separately and together.  They really are perfect for each other.  I woke up early Saturday because I was so excited.  We had the bridesmaid brunch at The Post House.
Then I went home to prepare for the big day.  I called in reinforcements.  Caroline and Meredith came in to make me look like a glamorous MOH.  It's going to stink when they go to college.. I guess I will have to learn how to do my own hair and makeup...  But, they worked their fashion magic and I was ready to strut it on down the aisle.

I accidentally had my camera on black and white.  For the love...  Anyways, I was feeling pretty stylish.  I threw on the dress and headed over to the Stout house.  We all got ready and boarded the super cool trolley and headed for the church.  We took loads of beautiful pics thanks to our friend Josh Drake.  By the way Josh, I am DYING to see some of them.. hint hint.  Then we hit the ceremony.  I loved getting to go down right before the bride. It gave us a few moments to talk.  It was so surreal.  When I started down the aisle, I realized just how lucky that I was to get to be the MOH.  I looked at Mark and he smiled at me, and I realized how excited I was for him to get to marry my best friend.  I also was so excited to get to know him even more.  Then Logan came down the aisle.  I literally lost my breath.  I have never seen her look more beautiful.  The ceremony was smooth and I didn't mess anything up or what not.  Then we rode the trolley to the reception.  The reception venue is our friend's parents house in Awendaw.  I can't begin to describe to you how gorgeous and magical it was.  Twinkle lights through the trees, things hanging and a creek in the background.  I was stunned.  Mcc and I had the pleasure of getting to watch the Chandlers have their pics on the doc while all of the guests were still in the front.  It was beautiful.  We bustled her up (who would have thought that I would even know what the heck that was) and the party started.  I spent most of my time on the dance floor breaking it on down.  Wedding reception Sarah is my personal favorite version.  Just saying. Dancing is my all time favorite.  I got the chance to dance with Mark and got to tell him just how happy I am.  I never get to do that.  I enjoyed so many things, but I loved getting to see Lauren Vallotton, Summer, Fras and other old friends.  I realized just how much I missed them since they don't live near us anymore.  Soon it was time for them to leave.  They rode out in an awesome red, old school convertible.  Just as they were leaving I got a lil emotional.  May have shed a few tears on Mr. Stout's shoulder.. Then I had to say by to Summer and Lauren which in turn made me more emotional.  If you want to see a few more pics, check out Betsy's version. I can't wait to see Josh's pics.  I finished out the night with a good lil slumber party with the Allison McCarthy.  It was stellar.  That's all for me tonight. I am pretty exhausted.  Catch ya later.

Betty B.

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