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Monday, October 24, 2011

Spidermen and lil punkins

Last night, after returning from the retreat, I went to Barbara St. for a lil pumpkin party.  Yes, I was exhausted.  I was probably a party pooper, but there were pigs in a blanket and I couldn't let them hang at the party alone.. I only lasted an hour and didn't even try to shape up a pumpkin.  So I drank coke and chatted with J-Wall.  And watched spiderman and strawberry tutu girl run around in circles in the back yard...

 I told the spidey's to work it for the camera.. and they did...
 Oh, and Wim may or may not have stabbed herself...

I'll Leave you with this.  
Watch your back.


  1. I just love my strawberry tutu girl and spiderman. Sass is pretty great too!

  2. stop trying to get an invite to taco tuesday