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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Belk's Breakdown Volume 2

Rewind to last Thurs.  Late afternoon.  Of course very last minute.  I realized on Thurs during lunch that I needed some supplies for my bridesmaidenshipness.  And I was sent to Belk's.  (I am frienemies with Belk by the way.  Remember my first breakdown??**Disclaimer: Boys, can stop reading now if you'd like.**  What kind of supplies you ask?  Like a new bra.  Strapless.  Also, I decided to take a real leap of faith and purchase my first pair of Spanx.  Spanx are some magical things that you squeeze into and they make you look better.  Well, that's my explanation.  All my friend girls have them and whenever they would talk about how awesome Spanx were- I just nodded and pretended that I knew what they were talking about.  So I went for it.  And they worked.  I think.  I kinda like them.  Nice and snug...  So let's get to the breakdown.  I did fine securing the Spanx.  The strapless bra was a whole nother story.  A bad one.  I'm just not a good shopper of the bras.  There are like 2,345 choices.  And colors.  And sizes.  And styles.  It was miserable.  I literally walked up and down the aisles for 20 straight minutes before I even touched one.  I broke out in a sweat. Cussed.  I had no idea what kind to get.  Why can't there be a strapless section.  Why are they all mixed in?  It was bad.  I didn't snap a pic because people would have totes judged me.  Plus it's weird.  Even for me.  So I continued searching.  I was crumbling.  I finally just found a black one and ripped it off the rack.  Didn't really even look at it.  I was sweating by the time I made it to the check out.  The lady jut stared at me.  In 49 minutes flat (told you it was bad) I managed to find one bra.  I had reached my threshold.  So I left.  Vowing to never go back.  I mean, I would love to be able to wear long sleeve tees and sports bras all day.  That would be the life huh?  So note to self.  And you.  I can't pick out pillows at Belk's. And now we can add strapless bras to the mix.  There you have it.  Being a DIVA girl is really hard...  But someone has got to do it.  Every once in a while...

Over and out- for a while,

Betty Bridesmaid, MOH.

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  1. so now that you have spanx will you agree to wear tights?