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Thursday, November 11, 2010

We heard there was a fall, and we are going to find it

That's right.  Tomorrow I am going on a lil adventure with some of my most favorite people.  5, well 4 if I don't count myself, of us are going to Boone for a little Mountain Weekend.  We are off to see the leaves change color, hike, frolick with the animals, play a little guitar, sip some hot chocolate and just be lazy.  TOGETHER.  It is about dang time.  Me, Logs, Murf dawg, Chamma and Beafreywan are embarking on a little journey.  This is a very much needed trip.  I can't wait to smell the beautimous mountain air.  I can't wait to have no cell phone.  I can't wait to wake up and hang out with these people.  And I can't wait to buy a new long sleeve t shirt from a cool mountainy store. (I am in need of a new long sleeve T...just saying) Seriously.  This is a much needed/anticipated trip.   I will be sure to photograph this very important and historical event.  See you next week.  Don't miss me too too much...

Here is a pic of some of us the last time we went to the mountains together....
I am indeed wearing my first piece of Lily.  A classy bandana....hahahah

Into the wild...again,

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