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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am too tired to write a serious/meaningful post so here is a little wrap up of some random things that I thought about today that could have been long bloggings, but luckily for you they are short little blurbs.

I went to City Church (I know...I vowed never to go.  Looks like I lied)

I liked City Church.  I especially enjoyed the after church picnic.

I LOVED seeing a lot of people I like there.

If you don't vote tomorrow, don't tell me because I think that is lame.  Civic duty people.  Do it.

If you don't vote, do not complain.  Simple.

I love People Magazine crossword puzzles.

I could do spend lots of time browsing Itunes.  It's not healthy.

I don't understand smoking.  Seriously.  It smells bad and tastes bad.  Plus it is expensive.  I just don't get it.  And it makes your clothes stink.

I don't like praying out loud.  It never comes out how I mean it.  Then I get self conscious and that leads to stuttering or a voice crack.  It's all down hill from there.

I am jealous of really cool artistic people.  If only I could paint.  Maybe then I would be cool.  Just a thought.  Hannah- if you read this- your new canvas things are super cool.  I love them.

If I could be anything I think I would enjoy being a Rock Star.  Yeah.  I would like that.  Just saying...

I like guns.  Not in a weird way, but in a cool way...Not so much handguns, but I am more of a shot gun kind of girl.  I just think they are cool, but of course the majority probably thinks that's a bit red neck so I have to hide it...for the most part...

Large groups of people overwhelm me.  They make me nervous. I don't really like em.

Alright.  That's enough for tonight.  GO AND VOTE TOMORROW.  For real.  Run and tell that.


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  1. Ummm... I am absolutely a blog stalker of yours... And anyone can rip off a "modern art" idea... You want to learn to paint we will get together! I just love your blog, we need to find some sponsors for you so that you can blog even more full time girl...