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Monday, November 22, 2010

Traffic WITCH

Let's be honest.  I didn't want to use the word witch.  But, sadly, my filter is on.  Today I encountered a traffic witch.   To most, this would not bother them, but I pride myself in being a nice, courteous, careful and thoughtful driver.  Apparently I am a minority.  For some reason I feel the need to share this.  Here is how the situation went down.  I was minding my own business.  Heading to the booming metropolis of Goose Creek. To measure my 3rd house of the day:)  I was on the Northbridge (glorious view by the way).  I began to check the traffic in the next lane over.  There was a large gap between the car passing me (mini van) and the one behind it (PT Cruiser).  So I causally flipped on my blinker.  Well what do you know?  The ugly/lame/ghetto/ugly PT Cruiser decided to break the speed of sound so that I would not be able to get over in time for my exit.  For no apparent reason.  No lie.  She seriously put the pedal to the metal.  Then she stared me down with a stupid victorious smirk upon her cigarette stained face (sorry- that is mean.  I take it back. Ok.  not really.) My windows are really tinted, so the traffic witch couldn't see the look of frustration/anger that was upon my face.  She is lucky that I did not follow her and taze her.  Because, let's be honest, I 96% wanted to.  More like 100%, but that is neither here nor there.  Plus, Optimus Prime (my tahoe) could totally take that piece.  She is lucky I didn't go all Fried Green Tomatoes on her.  Because of her I missed my exit and had to go the long way.  So thank you miss PT Cruiser.  I appreciate it.

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