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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Asia in the Sky"

So I am laughing.  You may not find this funny, but I do.  And that's all that really matters.  Megan Hensley Simon is going on her honeymoon today.  She is going to Thailand.  Here is the part that makes me laugh.  Her flight is 23 hours.  Yes.  23 hours.  I am dying because I can picture Megan sitting there asking Chris in her annoying dinosaur voice how much time is left on the flight about every hour.  Good luck Chris. 

Here are a few texts that I received...

"Is it bad that I only brought 1 magazine fro 23 hours?"

"out of about 400 people, there are a strong 10 americans on our flight. ha ha."

"korean air = Asia in the sky"

Don't worry Megan, only 19 hours left......


  1. Text this morning: "I can make your dreams come true and adopt an asian baby for the Girl Palace while i'm here" Wouldn't you love to see megan on a plane with a 1 yr old for 23 hours?

    Oh - you forgot Hunnnngrrryyyyy Tirrrrrrsty