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Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Weekend Update

Well hello there.  Once again, the weekend came and went like a flipping bandit in the night.  Friday I made a rough draft Christmas list.  You would think this is trivial, but in the Sass fam, the list is crucial.  Mom is going on an international adventure and needs to get her shopping done before her departure...I am working on the final draft, but I can tell you what will not be on it. These are some items I am boycotting in 2011: Uggs, make up, anything bridesmaidsy, and designer jeans.  Item I would love to enjoy, but no there is no way Santa is delivering: 4 wheeler.   There.  I just had to get that out there.....I went to Edisto on Friday.  With 18 year old girls.  Needless to say, I am tired.  Stayed up until 2:30 am.  Was forced to wear a clay mask.  To rejuvinate the ol pores.  Nice.  It twas fun.  I returned just in the nick of time to attend my first diaper shower.  Did you know that some diapers have different stages?  Well they do.  I learned a lot of stuff, that I will not be sharing on here...But I got to hold the cutest lil nino...Today I was domestic.  I vacuumed.  And straightened.  Then I went to the movies.  Then to the Teet (Harris Teeter).  That's all I've got for this weekend.  I am super glad the holidays are upon us. This is my favorite part of the year.  Seriously.  Get ready.  Peace out.

Pilgrim or Indian?

I am going with Pilgrim:)

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  1. Good for you, Sarah, besides Uggs are so 2 years ago. Even here in Charleston. Send me the list asap or it is a hard candy Christmas for little Sarah Sue.

    Your mom.