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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Tidings

Today is Thanksgiving Eve.  Sadly, it doesn't feel like much of a holiday(I guess technically its not really a holiday, but thats not important), but I am not complaining.  I am sitting here at Metto.  Waiting for time to pass so that I can go pick up my Gobble Wobble packet.  Thats the Turkey Day run.  Then I must head to work.  So while sitting here I have been making imaginary lists in my head of what and whom I am thankful for.  Would you like to know?  I will tell you.  Even if you don't care because you must care a little if you are still reading this.

Who I am thankful for:
My family. Herb, Ginny, Lili.  Plus all of the aunts/uncles/cousins.  I think we are funny and I am indeed very thankful for them.  Love you long time.
My Boss- who just happens to be my dad.  He rocks.  He gets to see me everyday, all day. Lucky for him.
Megan King Kong Hensley Simon.  I hate to admit this, but it's true.
The Girl Palace-Love them all.  At the same time.  Seriously.
My high school friends.  I don't want to write too much about them because naturally you will become very jealous and I just can't put that evil on you....
My college friends.  Equally as cool as the high school friends.  Random and hilarious.
Mom friends.  I don't know how else to explain this group, but they are super cool.  No lie. I know some rockin moms.  Don't want you getting jealous here either.
We also have another group of friends.  When I was in college there was a group of YL leader a few years ahead of me.  They kinda let me in the wolfpack back then....They are awesome.  Many are married.  Many are expanding the human race. Multiple times over.  They are stellar and I love them.
Stephen Sayre and Doug Sass.  They are like brothers.  For real.  (Oops, sorry.  Jealous again?)Ha Ha.
Kids.  Of all ages.  They rock. Glad people keep having them..I sometimes put myself in this group.
Henri Nouwen and C.S. Lewis. Smart dudes.
Kathy.  She is our office administrator.  With out her I would surely die.
All of the fams that I get to hang with bc they are all awesome.  Hands down.
Betty Bridesamid......
Biz.  Even though she has left me at the old church.....Plus I am very thankful for Jabez.  Team Pilgrim.
Girl at the bridesmaid dress factory.  She made me a whole lot less traumatized....
Wizard friends:)

What I am thankful for:
Girl Palace=Awesomeness
St. Andrews=Awesomeness
Mt. Perfect. It is beautiful.  I love it.  Seriously.
My guitar.  It's beautiful. Want to see it?
My Car.  Otherwise known as Optimus Prime or the Tank.  It runs.  We spend a lot of time together.  Enough said.
Boulevard Diner.  I have neglected you, but I promise I will be back one day.
Chacos.  Thank you thank you whoever invented you.
General Tsao's Chicken no spice.  I don't see you very often, but when I do it's glorious.
Metto.  Always a pleasure....
Total Wine.  Got to love a plethera of choices.
Living in this beautiful place.  Seriously.  Think about it.  There is no way you can wake up here everyday and not be thankful.
Music.  It gets me through the day for reals.  No rap though. Unless it's Crossroads by Bonethugz.
Playing Homerun Derby and football.  I could play everyday.  Actually, I wish I could.  It would be a heck of a lot more fun than working.
Edisto.  God's Country. Nough said.

*I know these lists may seem dumb to you, but I love everything and everyone on this list. And more...I just am drawing a blank. So all I have to say to you on this Thanksgiving Eve is....



  1. Great post Sarah. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. First of all, this list doesn't seem dumb to me. I think it is amazing. I'm just wondering which category I fall into...could I fall into more than one. I will say my favorite is Andos, with no explanation. As if you need one for Andos. When I moved to CO and came back and there were some haters, it made me sad, but I'm glad to see Andos is still going strong. BTW Sass...I'm super-thankful for you.

  3. AHHH!! i made the list! I knew you secretly loved me even though you tried to kill me so many times.

    I am thankful for you, you little donkey!

    Now let's hang out this weekend and be best friends.

    The end.

    Oh and ps. I'm honored. forealizes.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Sass! I am thankful for you! Love the list of thankful things.

  5. Hi Sarah,

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    Please let me know if you are a Carolina graduate and if you are on Facebook and Twitter as I would love to feature your blog.