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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


It's safe to say that I am ready for this season to be dunzo.  Bring on the fall.  For real.  Yesterday, I got my Tahoe back after almost four weeks.  On the way home it broke.  Same exact problem as before.  So I took it really really well.  Sike! Don't you know me at all??  Anyways, it is going back today.  Maybe someone will light it on fire for me.  I have not enjoyed this past season, but I have learned a whole hell of a lot.  More than I actually wanted to.  It has been a tough season, but I'm hoping the Lord has been working in it.  Especially in the places where I have felt or seen Him least.  He's been teaching me a lot about myself and my heart.  For which I am grateful.

That being said, I'm ready for a new season.  I'm ready to sleep with the windows open.  I'm ready for fall.  For dove and duck seasons.  I'm ready to ride around in my car(well maybe a different car) with the windows down.  I'm ready for fires.  For reading outside.  For writing outside. For plaids and flannels.  For college football.  For oysters and Fireball.  For late afternoon beach walks.  For jeans and boots.  I'm ready for a new season to bring new things:)  Bring on the fall!
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