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Friday, August 16, 2013


Saturday night is my 10 year high school reunion.  Yes, I can't believe it either.  10 years. Wow.  I can't  believe I left ol Wando that long ago.  My days at Wando were glorious.  I loved high school.  Probably more than I should have.  I mean, if I had the chance I would totally time travel back to junior year.  Junior and Senior year were the best years ever.  I seriously thought I was destined to be a character from Dawson's Creek and was walking on the streets of gold.. A little dramatic, but totally true.  I loved the old Wando, I loved my teachers and most importantly, it is where I made my best friends.  Today I was thinking about just how lucky I was to find such an incredible group of friends.  Everyone told me that you don't really stay friends with your high school friends and make better friends later.  I was devastated.  I was dreading going to college because I thought I would have to make all new friends..  Wrong.  I struck gold on both ends.  And now some of my high school friends are even friends with the college ones..  So I thought in honor of the reunion I would take a trip down memory lane...
Taking it back to 2003 favorites...
Car: Jeep (Rocky)
Food: Boulevard Diner.  Brkfst, lunch and dinner.  Duh
Movie: Now and then & Sixteen Candles
Shoes: Birkenstock..
Clothes: Wando soccer shirts and these terrible capris..
Worst thing I did: Stole some Zimas...
Worst regret: the bad hair cut...  gets me every time.
Favorite activity: Young Life
Highlights: Prom, Senior Cruise, Chick Fil A every Friday with many friends, bike rides in Creekside, sitting on Ru Ru's dock, pranking the boys, Young Life Camp, McCarthy coming to the Wando Cafeteria every week, football games, spirit week, riding around with everyone in my jeep.
Most thankful for: My friends:)
The best thing is that we really are actually still friends.  I love that we have all stayed in touch.  Super thankful for these people.  Here are a few more recent shots...

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