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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


love this
I love this little quote.  It got me thinking.  I'm completely and 100% a relationship person.  Relationships keep me going.  Plus I thoroughly enjoy them.  Maybe not the strenuous ones, but you get my point.  Lately, I've been simplifying.  Internally (scary I know).  I've been doing some self analyzing.  Trying to figure out what is important.  To me.  Many things have come up, but the one that kept re appearing is relationships.  Being with people.  Doing life with people.  What trickles down out of relationships is friendship.  Fellowship.  Kindness.  Grace and truth.  Trust.  And to me, that all is a form of love.  And that's what I like to fill the ol heart with.  So there you have it.  Find what you need.  Find what you love.  And fill your heart to the brim.
Happy Fourth of July to each of you.


  1. Love this Sass! Thanks for sharing.
    - Nicole Hurt

  2. Your heart is the best! Love you!

  3. Beautifully said Sass!