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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Play me some mountain music

I may have just had the most relaxing weekend of my life.  There are many reasons, but I will spare you and only share a few.  Here goes:

I got to sleep in this room.  NEVER have I ever slept better.  Windows open.  River rushing.  I read two entire books in this precious lil room.  
 Plus, every morning little heads popped in to see if I was awake:)
We had an awesome jam sesh in this living room:)
 Guitar, Stella and good talks on the porch=my most favorite thing ever
 My redneck dreams are now complete.  We party barged on Lake Glenville.
 And it was AWESOME
 The above pic keeps making me smile. and laugh.  #lakelife
 Breakfast for dinner is always a winner.  Or anything with bacon wins in my book..
 Pretty much sums up our friendship...
 Love these people
 He was stuck with the girls all weekend..
 My urban graffiti side came out..
 Love these two
Did I mention the weather??  In the 60's.
 VA and I discovered ENO twinkle lights:)
 Like lil peas in a pod
 loved the fly shop
 Some mountains
 Sunset Rock
The women folk
Fav pic of the trip:)

I don't think I have ever been so relaxed.  Awesome abode, amazing travel buddies, long sleeve shirt weather and hanging out.  Could not have been better.  I think I was born to summer in the mountains...  Yeah, going to have to work on that:)  Feeling super thankful.

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