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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dream weaver

Peter Pan poster

I keep hearing the lovely lyrics of Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver."  I know.  I am a little before my time here.  And maybe slightly cheesy.  But I like a little cheese now and again.  I had lunch with a dear friend yesterday and it was really great.  You know the kind of lunch where you drop the person off and then you are just really excited?  No?  You need to look for some more friends.. Or not. Your choice.  Any who.  I have been feeling this little feeling a little more than normal.  It's like an excited/nervous/but, serious potential type feeling.  Weird description I know.  Last night, as I was willing myself to sleep (I am trying to stay off the ol meds..), I realized why I had that feeling with certain people.  And here is why.  Dreams.  Not the sleep kind.  More like the "If you could do anything you wanted tomorrow, what would you do type dreams."  I like these kind.  Mostly, because I have several very encouraging friends.  Not the "Oh that new top looks really good on you" (well, actually I do have fashion advisor friends), but more of the "You want to write a book? DO IT.  How can we help?  you want to travel the world?  Go."  Yes, these are the dreamer friends.  The friends that help spark something that you may have second guessed in yourself.  Even if you are terrified/nervous/nauseous they help you get right on past that lion in the road.  I love when people are just flat out for you.  I don't like mixed signals.  Or drama.  Or when someone makes you second guess your self.  No.  Not for me.  I can do enough of that on my own.  Here is what I like: I like good talks.  Quality time.  Inspiring words.  I like knowing that someone is going to bat for me no matter what.  I like stories.  I like to listen to stories.  And we all know I like to tell stories.  Nothing is more entertaining than painting a picture with words.  I love listening to ideas or dreams that friends have.  Probably because I could totally see it happening.  I would give anything to see people live into what's really in their hearts.  I feel like we all have this little piece of us that we don't let out too often.  Maybe we don't believe it's possible?  Maybe we don't believe enough in ourselves?  Maybe we don't make time to dream?  I LOVE sharing something with someone and then seeing their eyes light up.  That's when you can tell that they get it. They are for you.  Goodness.  Pure dream weaving goodness right there.  I think it's what life's all about.  You in?

In the words of my dear friends and or future husbands, the Avett Bros:

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