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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This kinda made me cry today:
I like this lil quote.  Mainly because it just makes me feel good.  Like hot chocolate on a cold day kind of good.  I'm a heart kind of person.  (I'm a fan of the other pieces too) (like the mind, spiritual stuff etc).  But, I'm partial to the heart. I can be thinking the worst possible thoughts about almost anything (life, love, people, the future) and all could be lost (unfortunately this occurs more often than I'd like), but somewhere, deep down in the depths of me, there is some crazy reassurance that sets me back on course.  And that is love.  Not lovey dovey love.  Heart love.  The love.  The love that gives you purpose.  The love that saved us. The love that inspires you.  The love that you can give to other people.  It is a super natural love.  And you can only get it from one place.  When I trust least is when I see it most:)
And maybe this did too..
Here is something that I have been amazed by.  I have a friend that (probably without knowing it) has taught me about choosing.  I've learned that, most of the time, we can choose to be a certain way.  To think a certain way.  To feel a certain way.  (This does not apply to everything FYI).  We can choose to be joyful. We can choose to be loving.  We can choose to be ourselves.  Most of the time when I veer off course, it is because somewhere along the road I chose it.  Boom.  Sometimes I want to kick myself..  I literally have to choose Jesus everyday.  And keep choosing him.  I have to choose to be loving.  And keep choosing it.  I have to choose joy.  And keep choosing it.  It can be a lil taxing sometimes...  But, Henri Nouwen gives me some inspiration.  Maybe you too?
Happy hump day.
Stay classy.

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