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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I some how skipped reading The Great Gatsby in high school.  Last night I went to the movie.  Nobody told me that you would leave feeling depressed.  Emotional used.  Now, I never want to be in a love triangle... Unless it was between Thor and Tim Riggins.. Just sayin.   I was so sad in the end.  Plus, poor cousin Nick next door got shafted the entire movie.  Last time you see him he is in some mental hospital type place. Poor guy. 

I will admit though, that it was a really well made movie.  Who knew the people were rocking to Jay Z and Beyonce in Prohibition times...  Homeboy Gatsby knew how to throw a party though.  I would have liked to partake at one of his get togethers...

Leo redeemed the movie for me though.  I have never thought he was that cute.  Until he played Gatsby.  Dang.  It is worth seeing.  Just be prepared to feel a bit depressed.

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