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Friday, June 7, 2013

I hate running

There.  I said it.  I hate running.  I loathe running.  I abhor running.  Running makes me want to die.  Running conjures up in me, words that I never knew existed.  Plus, I am slow.  Always have been.  Because I hate running, I'm naturally inclined to hate the 13.1 or 26.2 stickers I see EVERYDAY on EVERY single car in Mt. Pleasant.  And I'm like a sweat box. (TMI, sorry).  I walk outside, I sweat.  Guaranteed.  But, the tides are turning.  Last week, after what felt like I was drowning after swimming only 12 laps, I decided it was time to up the game.  Up the game in many arenas, but working out for sure.  Luckily I have a friend who is willing to walk up the bridge in silence with me (because I can't seem to breathe while on the uphill..) So that has been more than encouraging.  She says I'm encouraging her, but I call reverse psycology on that one.  But, I'll take it.  I also realized that I had 100% convinced myself that it would be so completely horrific and not fun to ever exercise with another person.  That's why I never wanted people to come on the bridge walks.  I confess, I was wrong.  It is not horrible.  One can survive.  I actually enjoy it.  Except for when I feel slow (which is often) or I'm sweating like I have just done 23 hours of hot yoga.  Or when I can't mumble a word up the bridge because every breathe counts and I could die at any moment an maybe they think I have gone mute...  Or when I see all the cutesy people trotting freely down the bridge in their cool workout clothes.... Oh well.  I was thinking last night, why not set some goals?  Why not?  I normally would not post this on the Internet highway due to extreme levels of anxiety, but then I got a little excited.  Like, what if I actually achieved my goal?  Rocket science I tell you.  So, my ultimate goal is to maybe do a sprint triathlon in summer 2k14.  There.  Said it.  Whew.  Now, who knows if this will ever happen, but I've got something to work on.  The sprint doesn't seem as daunting as the big shabang.  Except for the word sprint.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  I also want to the open water swim from Hobcaw to the Yorktown.  And maybe conquer my hate of hiking.  These are lofty goals I know. But goals nonetheless.  Just the fact that I've exercised 7 days in a row is an act of God.  Can I get an amen?  Plus the whole more exercise, less laziness could be good for the whole open for business situation. Who knows, I'm clearly no expert.  So there you have it.  Who knows where this will lead, but I'm excited to find out.
This situation is comin at ya...


  1. I've been there. I still am there. But it gets better. I can assure you.

    Goals are great. And I know you have people to help keep you accountable to those goals. If you do the sprint, I will be there. Either cheering you on or doing it beside you.

  2. I love this post!! If I lived in Charleston, I would totally walk the bridge with you in complete silence. And I would make you feel like an olympic sprinter compared to my current pace. Miss you much Sass!

    PS- I, too, absolutely HATE running. Hate it.