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Sunday, June 2, 2013

At Home

I had kind of an A Ha moment today while sitting in church.  During one of the prayers I found myself looking around the room.  It kind of felt like time had stopped for a moment.  I saw all of these people that I didn't know, but I felt like I had all of this love for them anyways.  I wanted to run down all of the rows and give out free hugs..   I kept scanning the room.  In the back I saw so many people that I loved.  Even on my own row.  I was sandwiched between people that I love dearly.  I love when my worlds collide.  It could be one of my utmost favorite things.  I. LOVE. MY. PEOPLE.  For serious.  It's hard not to be a freak and tell them all of the time.  I was standing there (staring at all of these people) and realized that there was only one word that could describe it.  HOME.  I felt 100% at home.  It was the safest and truest feeling that I have felt in a long time.  I am so thankful to have a church home.  And I pray that anybody reading this would share this type of feeling, wherever they are.  If you don't- let me know and I will be shooting up atomic prayers for you.  Then later on in the service we were singing Amazing Love.  (Which I normally do not like because I sang it 2,000,000 times in Young Life).  The last line struck me like never before.  The words are "In all I do, I honor you."  I must have sung that line so many times and thought nothing of it.  Today I wanted to just cry.  I felt inspired, loved and challenged all at the same time.  A million memories/experiences flashed through my mind at once.  I thought of all of the times that I didn't quite do that.  And then I tried to think of the places that I have the opportunity to do that.  Pretty cool.  Where can I do better?  Where am I missing it?  Sometimes (not often) I like a good challenge.  And today I am accepting.  Game on.

Keep it real.

And I also love Mt. Perfect... Just saying.

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