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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I hate running: Crash & Burn

I knew things were a little off today.  Mostly because I had to wake up a few alarms earlier than normal.  Any who, we got to walking about 7:05 am.  Everyday I think waking up will be easier, but that's a lie.  I'm still tired over here...  We powered it on up the bridge at my normal, but sluggish pace. I keep hoping that one day my legs will just start running up the bridge, but alas, I am still waiting.  I think today I was even more silent on the incline than before...  Luckily my walking pal is mostly good with the awkward silence.  Today was more interesting than normal.  We did not see cute biker man.  We did see close walker lady.  This lady is super intense and it a bit intimidating.  She is a close walker.  As in, moves maybe one centimeter to get out of your way.  Pretty sure her sweaty arm brushed my sweaty arm.  You get the picture.  Ug.  On the way down, my walking buddy (who shall remain nameless) decided she was going to hold her ground.  Basically she played chicken with the uber intense older couple.  The lady was wearing a sports bra(she was a little past her prime..) and hauling weights.  With an older husband.  I nervously shuffled from side to side and then realized my friend wasn't budging.  Neither was ol Jeff Gordon woman.  I had already pictured them colliding.  Drama on the bridge...  I saw a little grin on my friends face and realized she was serious.  Not giving up the inside lane.  Finally after I had already slid into the treacherous biker lane, the bra and weights moved over and gave in.  A small victory for my friend....  Then a ruffled running skirt blew by us.  You know my thoughts on that situation.

Now to the crash and burn part of our day.  We get to the bottom.  Praise God.  I soaked my face in the water fountain.  We were walking down the side walk right at the bottom of the bridge. And then I saw them.  It felt like slow motion.  There were four.  They were matching in an un matching way if that makes sense?  Colored shirts, dark shorts.  One was wearing a running dress.  And they were all holding a water bottle.  Like a lil gang.  So, naturally, I had begun to make fun of them.  Just as I was about to lay a verbal smack down (behind their backs of course), I felt my foot drastically roll left.  And then I knew.  In one split second, I went down.  Hard.  On the concrete.  My poor friend.  Here she is strolling down the sidewalk and down goes her buddy.  Smacking the pavement.  I'd like to say she knocked me down.  But, much to my disdain it was all my own skills.  I hit the deck.  Basically I got my ass kicked by the sidewalk.  On the side of the bridge.  It her like a biatch.  But, I was stuck in between the laugh slash cry stage.  So I just laid there.  Told her to leave me behind.  Save yourself while you can...  She tried to help, but I was damaged.  Slightly physically (Bloody knee and arm), but most importantly- I was emotionally mutilated.  My pride took the worst hit.  Some poor old man walked right on by while I was just lying there on the ground.  My first bridge wipe out.  And I wasn't even running.  I was walking.  After we were done.  Very cool...  I have to give my friend credit, she did not even laugh.  Well, maybe a little.  I sure as hell would have.  So there you have it.  I crashed.  And I burned. 

I just like to leave a mark.

Taking it one leg at a time...

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