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Friday, June 14, 2013

Live Like Rob: Sell out

Sold out.  That's right.  All of the tickets to Live Like Rob have been sold.  We are going to have a full house for Live Like Rob.  Pretty freaking awesome.  As I sit here tonight, listening to some Slightly Stoopid in honor of our boy, half of me wants to just sit here and cry, while the other half wants to jump for joy.  I am really just in utter shock.  I'm so excited for July 26th.  I am so proud of the hard work that our team has done.  I don't even know how to describe it.  I think I've got an exorbitant amount of pride right now.  The good kind.  The kind that makes you want to go tell every single person that has a heartbeat just how excited you are.  Or just tackle them...  The kind that makes you feel like you are doing something.  Something important.  Something to be proud of.  Something that might actually even do a little healing (for us and hopefully those with CF).  I feel like we have been given such a cool opportunity.  I am just so excited to see what comes out of this.  I can't even put it into words.

Here is what I can put into words.  Obviously as our event gets closer, Rob has been on my heart constantly. It's really quite crazy how this all works.  One day when I think of him, its so good.  Usually super pumped about the party.  Or just overwhelmed with the support we have gotten from everybody.  (PS- it's not too late to sponsor or donate a silent auction item:)  On the other days I just flat out miss him.  I could most likely cry at any moment if someone catches me at an off moment.  Today I heard a hilarious joke and went to text it to him and it hit me all over again.  A man in my class today was cutting his nails (gross I know), but it reminded me of him because he once did that all over my car and I thought I was going to kill him.  Pretty standard.  Just tonight as I was driving home, a truck raced around me on Mathis Ferry- a crazy driver with a lead foot.  Obviously he was not as good of a crazy driver as Rob..  But it hit me all over gain.  So many things remind me of him in a daily basis.  I love it and I hate it at the same time.  But, I am so thankful for it.  Thankful that I think of him often.  Thankful that he was here.  Thankful that there will never be another person like him.  Thankful to have been lucky enough to know him.  And so very thankful to get to be with a whole group of people that loved him so and want to honor him.  Gah I miss him and his wisecracks. That laugh.  Even the cough.  I wish I had gotten to spend more time with him.  But, I'm thankful for the time that I did get.  For the hours spent throwing Mike N Ike's in Margaret's light fixture.  Or playing some HALO.  All of the car rides.  And everything.  All of the minutes and the memories- they are precious.  And they make me thankful.  It's still hard.  I'm still sad.  I'm even a little pissed.  But, there is something that keeps pointing me back.  Pointing me back to being hopeful.  To being ok.  And to being Thankful.  For that, I am forever grateful.

As Rob would say- Charge it up!

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