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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the doldrums

I hope you enjoyed the video from my previous post.  Seriously, I am pretty sure that we would be besties.  Many of you have commented that I haven't blogged as much lately, but I just haven't been on my game, but hopefully the tides will turn.  I have been flat out slammed at work and I am pretty sure that after this past week, I could navigate the hollows of Ladson rode with my eyes closed.  To those not from this glorious place- Ladson Rd ain't pretty.  It inspires me to work hard.  No offense.  Mattie and I filmed most of our lil movie for the Women's Retreat.  Side note:  SIGN UP ASAP.  YOU WANT TO COME.  TRUST ME. I'm pretty proud of our skit.  Since we made it up.  And did not practice one time.  Other than that, I have mostly been working.  Last weekend Herb and I got to meet John Smoltz (one of our hero's), I got to hang at the Clayton's and the Senf's, one of my non-biological little bros got a gf (no comment-I am coping) and I basically destroyed Temple Run (3.6 million)-Now I have nothing to work for.  I may have to retire Temple Run.  It was a good time...

I do have some breaking news:  I, Sarah Sass, have entered 2012.  Yes, I am now in possession of an IPhone.  I put up a fight, but was lured in.  And now I'm pretty glad to have one.  I escaped to have some Sarah time the other night and used my phone to grab this: 
I think it takes pretty good pictures.  It will definitely come in handy.  But, I have vowed to myself to not become obsessed.  Like many people I come across.  Other breaking news- I follow a hilariously inappropriate slash AWESOME blog called peopleiwanttopunchinthethroat.  Well it just so happens that the author of that blog commented on my bachelorette post.  I think I reached my blogging high.  I was so excited.  Yet I had no one to share this news with because people just wouldn't understand.  So there you have it.  I do have some things going on, but I am going to wait to share.  Get excited though because Betty Bridesmaid will be back.  She has a story.  But, I'm waiting on the outcome before I share her nuggets.  Trust me- it's good.

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  1. Sass,

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog. Even though I live in Colorado now and never see you, it makes for such entertaining reading during the work day (I too work in an office). Your writing is excellent. Humor is always on point. Maybe you should be a writer/photographer? I can see the inner artist just fighting to come out:) Hope you're doing well. Keep blogging!

    Jane (Buchanan) Duplantis