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Monday, February 13, 2012

Betty Bridesmaid: Over the top

Wow.  That's all I can really say about this past weekend.  I'm about to drop al the gory details of Biz and Shawn's wedding weekend.  It's going to be long, dramatic and probably at times inappropriate.  So read at your own risk.  I think there are too many glorious details so I will go about this in a different way.

Betty's Wedding Weekend top 22 hit list
22) Talking to Biz while on honey moon.  Never have I been so excited and or emotional.  I may have cried.  Just a technicality..
21) Seeing people that I have not seen in forever
20) I love a good wedding weekend.  Who doesn't?
19) I did my own makeup.  And I liked it.
18) Fried Catfish bites at the rehearsal dinner
17) Laughing hystaricaly during all of the speeches at the rehearsal dinner.  I may have peed my pants.
16) Wearing my pajamas around town and in public all day Saturday
15) My hair stylist, Caroline Senf
14) Macaroni and Cheese and Venison at the reception
13) The photographer (Juliet Elizabeth) was incredible
12) The groomsmen.  They were hilarious.  And the bridesmaids.  I love them.
11) I got to wear my cowboy boots the whole time.  They make me feel super Sassy.
10) Our flowers.  They were stinking awesome.
9) Picture time at Pepper.  It was funny.  It was sentimental.  It was freezing.  And it was super Pinteresty.  Not gonna lie- I can't wait to see them.
8) Going to the Avett Brothers last night.  Saw like 34 of my future husbands.  The Avett Bros were awesome.  I would really like to be in that band.
7) The three Sarah's.  Acker, Macabee and Sass.  Three Sarah's in one bridal party.  I love them.  A lot.
6) The dress.  Okay. Here we go.  The dress at the beginning is always the pits for me. I normally hate it.  But, Allison, the dress fairy, has made me come to like the bridesmaidial process.  She knows me (and my quirks).  I hope I never have to go elsewhere for the things, but we will have a bad situation on our hands.  Who will I call 1 week before the wedding with a dress emergency?  Seriously- she's a good woman since she has had to deal with me on several occasions. But, wearing a dress that you actually love is a GAME CHANGER.  Seriously.  I loved it.  I wan to keep wearing it.  I actually felt great in it.  Plus it was suitable for my dance moves.

5) The Foxworth Family (These are not in order of importance now that we are in the top 5). I flat out love them.  I would like for them to adopt me or something because they are great.  Let's give it up for Travis (brother of the bride and good dance partner).  I loved getting to know him.  Tracy is awesome too.  Mr. Foxworth is darling.  But, my heart goes to Tammy.  She is the woman!  No lie.  I dragged her onto the dance floor like 8 times at the reception.  And we are still friends.  I can't wait to go hang in Georgetown. Pajama party! The Ford Family.  I really don't even know how to accurately describe them.  I wouldn't mind being adopted by them either.  They throw a good party.  Momma Ford is seriously an angel.  Plus she makes the best friend st drink and a darn good sandwich.
4)Ending the night with the Clarkes and Rennie at Waffle House.  Boom!  The awful Waffle is always a clear sign of a great night. Circa 2003.
3)The Ceremony.  It was incredible.  Besides being deathly afraid of the wedding director, all went well.  It was beautiful.  I think it was the most emotional and spiritual thing I have been a part of.  The music knocked me off of my feet.  Not to get to deep on here, but the Holy Spirit was all up on that mama jama.  When Biz came down the aisle, I literally could not breathe.  The music was timed perfectly.  I have never been so moved like that.  I wish it was recorded.  I was balling.  Tears were a flowing.  She was BEAUTIFUL.  I mean, holy cow.

Hunter sang during the ceremony and I balled once again. Typical.
2) The trolley ride.  I cannot give too many details here. But, holy smokes.  Betty B was in rare form my friends.  I don't know what was going on.  Best ride of my life.  I made a few friends on that lil jaunt.  It pretty much set the tone of the night for me.  Don't judge.

**There is a tie for #1
1-A) Biz and Shawn.  I love them. I love them separately and I love them together.  I'm not expert, but that is a good sign.  I think.  Seriously.  The prayer and preparation that has gone into this is incredible. To get to see a relationship from the beginning is pretty cool.  I remember getting coffee with Biz every week just day dreaming about all this (hopefully it won't now be one-sided...).  Shawn is AWESOME. I can't wait to hang with them.  Biz is one of my best and greatest friends.  Even though she is cooler and sports way cooler hunting clothes than me- I love her.  Plus, she's my prayer partner:)
1-B) The reception.  Oh gosh.  I would to just be called Mustang Sally now.  I think that is totally appropriate.  I only left the dance floor for food and drink.  Should have opted for more food.  It's safe to say that I left a mark on the dance floor.  Or maybe it left a mark on me.  I'm not positive.  All I am sure of is that I got to not only start, but drive the train.  Wedding reception Sarah is kind of my favorite version.  Just being real here.  It was decorated perfect.  The band was awesome.  And they brought a tambourine.  It somehow ended up in my hands... Ooops.

At first I was bummed that I didn't take any more pictures, but I'm thinking that leaving the night as a mystery is probably better...  I wish the night never ended.  My boots are definitely broken in now.  Be proud- I only slapped the floor twice.  Due to peer pressure.  You know who you are.  Gah!  That was fun.  It's always a good sign when you wake up sore from dancing so hard.  Best reception I think I have ever been to.  Too bad I can't hit replay.

So there you have it.  It was a very, very stellar weekend was had.  I think ol Betty Bridesmaid is retired for now.  I bid you farewell.

Love you long time,

Betty Bridesmaid


  1. Literally crying reading this. I haven't laughed this hard in a while. THANK YOU!

  2. Wow, what a summary! I feel like I just re-lived it. God is soooo good. He likes weddings, I'm pretty sure. BTW, the ceremony was recorded. LYLT, Momma Ford

  3. that just made my night to read this... would LOVE your commentary on all of my weddings!!!!!!