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Monday, August 2, 2010

The island will never be the same

The island has lost some cool points.  To be honest-I'm a bit sad.  I have come to the very sad realization that the college era may be over...The boys are gone.  I'm sad to report.  Newman, Stephen and Dr. Chris have abandoned the island.  Move out day was really hot, but surprisingly not bad.  This how was not as nasty as Smith St., but it wasn't clean either...Ryan found herself a nice pet skink while packing up Stephen's room along with about 2,486 sand spurs that he had thoughtfully thrown about the room...There was also enough sand in Stephen's room to revitalize the beach.  The kitchen stuff was probably my favorite.  Very eclectic group of items in that kitchen.  Newman left before the photo shoot...Only one person would have made this day complete.  Carol Hannah Whitfield.  You were there in spirit my friend.  I said goodbye for you...

On another note.  I happened upon this while working in lovely Moncks Corner...If Wimberly was ghetto and lived in Moncks Corner, I think this would be her car...

Ok people. Betty Bridesmaid is back on the scene.  Starting today.  So get ready.

Oh an download John Mark Macmillan's "ten thousand." Just do it.

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  1. okay... how did they get 2 post dedications?