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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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So I went on a youth leader retreat this weekend.  If you know me well at all then you know that I probably had lots of sarcastic comments/feelings building up to this lil overnight.  Truthfully stuff like this makes me entirely too nervous.  So I never want to go.  Will they like? Will I like them?  What if they think I am a nerd?  What if I really am a nerd?  What if I snore?  You know normal worries....Basically I become hesitant at the idea of organized "fun."  Which means games, amusement parks and water parks.  However, I was promised there would be no parks of any kind.  So I decided to committ to the trip (less than a week ahead of time mind you).  I was not told that we would wear fake mustaches and do a human maze.  I will leave you with that.  I will admit that I did enjoy it more than I was planning to.  As for the maze. Hated it.  It poured rain and I got lost. And said a lot of cuss words.  Under my breath though.  Don't want to give off a bad impression.  Go figure. 

On to an entirely different topic. MADE.  I want to be on MTV's MADE.  But Stephen Sayre-always the uplifter said that it is impossible.  I am entirely too old.  Apparently they don't do post college MADES yet. He says, "Sass, who wants to watch old people become something?"  I want to be an X Games skate boarder or biker.  No lie. Since middle school it has been a dream. I wonder if I can still ollie on my skateboard.  Prolly not.  But maybe its time to give it another shot.  So I am going to start practicing and I will be waintng on my phone call. 

Last night I had a dream that all of my hair fell out in the middle of my head.  So it was like an inverted mohawk.  In the dream every one said they liked it and that it was very artsy and what not.  So I have decided maybe Betty Bridesmaid should shake things up for Megan's Wedding.  What do you think about that??

Looking at skate board tricks on youtube,

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