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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Charleston Chick Love..

I feel like this past week has been a bit of a whirlwind.  Well actually just the last 3 days. Douglas was in town.  In case you are wondering, he is doing great.  Logan is in town.  Pretty sure that alone makes my heart smile.  Beth has officially moved back to the 843.  The earth is now back on its axis.  I got my own office on Friday.  That's right.  On Friday I went to Murrell's Inlet for a little leader overnight which may have actually surpassed my expectations.  Well except for running in the rain through a human maze with a fake mustache on, but I shall let that slide.  Then I headed home to spend some quality horas with Logan.  Love that girl.  Plus we always ended having hilariously deep and funny convo's.  Then I headed down to Bailey Island for the night.  You already know my feelings on Bailey Island and its company.  GLORIOUS.  We boated a bit, stayed up late, hung out, ate some hot and now, and headed home.  Then I headed to the Stout Casa for a lil reunion with my best friends form high school.  (See above for a present/past look at us...) I think its the first time in a while we have reunited with no wedding.  They still make me laugh and clearly stories do not get old.  It was Logan, Katie, Beth, Walker, Camille and I for a delicious meal.  I don't know what it is about our group, but while with them I 50% want to bust out laughing and I 50% want to burst out in tears. I love them.  I love how we are all in such different places, but we still all gel together in such a cool way.  Just thought I would share that.  Everybody cracks me up.  Camille made Beth an awesome book of letters and photos we sent her.  Bout made me cry.  Keep praying for TEAM SHIRLEY!
Don't judge the pics.  Shug and Willard weren't the best photographers of the night...but they got the job done.  It was sweet to have some good hang time tonight.  And we did share a few (million) laughs..MCC we missed you.  Here are a few pics I meant to post a few weeks ago.
This is Costa.  The newest addition to the Sass family.  Sorry.  I was by myself and had to take a picture on the timer and it just was not cooperating....

The matrons of the family are above...Haha.  Mom, Vicky and Sis.  They kinda make me laugh.  Then you throw in Lili and I.  Oh and the standard bottles of bubbly that always accompany a visit from any of them.  Look how cute they are.  This is like the 5th picture I made them pose for so they were probably cussing at me under their breathe.  But they sure do look cute:)  
I just wanted to throw this one in too.  See my hair?  Ok. Good.  You will never see it like that EVER again.  And that is a promise.

Well I think that's about it for me.  Hope you had a good weekend.  
Love you long time,

PS-Betsy and I were just talking and Wim just asked us to pop her zit.  I just wanted to share that.  We said H no.  There are a lot of things I do for friends-that is not one.  Peace


  1. how sweet of you to name your puppy after me!

  2. Good lookin pup, she must have come from an excellent breeder...