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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Megan Hensley and Wimberly Brown are bad.  They have played a very mean trick on me.  I will get you back. Much, much worse.  I will never go to Myrtle Waves with you ever.  Megan you just wait until your bachelorette.  I am bout to open a can of whoop sass on you.  Thats all.

Ok. Now that I have cooled down I will share.  This will not sound like a big deal to you, but for some reason I lost all control and restraint last night @ about 10pm.  So I come home after a delightful night of home run derby and what not with the Dupres.  Maybe my endorphins were pumping or something.  I'm not positive.  But I am in my room, minding my own business..probably reading the Bible or something. (ok I wasn't reading the Bible)  I was looking at 4 wheelers online. Just for fun. I start to overhear Megan on the phone with her older sister. They are talking about our upcoming girls weekend in Litchfield.  Megan claims we are not going out. (which secretly I am totally cool with) Then I hear horrible things.  She says we are spending Saturday at Myrtle Waves.  Over my dead body.  I hate that place with a passion. No lie.  All of a sudden I became super emotional.  And pissed. Well Wimmy and Megan must have discussed this earlier or something because they kept saying we were going.  I was yelling from my room to Megan's about how I was not setting foot in that place and what not.  Then the two punks began taunting me about some waterslide and tubing.  Heck no. I was not about to miss Windy Gap Womens Weekend to go to flipping Myrtle Waves which costs like 30 bucks to got sit in stagnant water.  It went severly downhill from there.  I got emotional. And a bit teary. I may have said/yelled some choice words.  Meanwhile they are laughing.  Then Megan tried to hug me for about 10 min. Well if you know me, then you know I am not touchy. Especially when I am in a distraught/terrible mood.  So it ended with me hiding under my sheet and Megan trying to hug me, telling me we weren't going to the dang water park.  It was not pretty.  Needless to say-I did not sleep well. 


  1. are you not going to tell us all what they did?

  2. I don't know how I feel about all the face time I've been getting on this blog lately...

  3. Gosh, I always thought you just didn't want to hug me. I'm feeling much better now. I see it is all people.