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Thursday, August 5, 2010

12 Long Months

I have an exciting announcement.  One that I never honestly thought I would make.  Are you on the edge of your lil seat now?  You are? Ok.  As of yesterday (I am one day late), I have officially worked at Sass Herrin & Associates for 12 whole months...Man how time flies-well maybe not so much. I can't believe it has been a year since I was forcefully sucked into the working world at the young age of 23.  Now look at me.  Actually don't it would make me very nervous.  Let's recap.  12 months=almost 100 appraisals which = more freedom.  If you aren't sure what I do let me fill you in.  I am a real estate appraiser.  Well apprentice actually.  They basically have to hold my hand until I have 100 appraisals under my belt.  I have 90, but who is counting...I appraise land and homes.  Basically I measure your house in the hot hot sun and get really sweaty, then come inside and draw and take pics.  Then I write a riveting report and send it to whoever is paying the bill.  Which sometimes doesn't happen.  Here is what I have learned-
-Fly under the radar and try not to cause any problems whatsoever
-Dad most likely will not go eat lunch with you unless you wait until 2pm
-Dad likes to eat lunch at Costco, Jersey Mikes, BILO and Andolinis.  Just those.  Period.
-Keep Kathy happy.  You need her on your side at all times.
-Follin and Andrew used to invite me to lunch to be nice.  Now they don't care so they don't invite me.
-I am at the bottom.  I may forever be here.  I am ok with this.  Really.
-Xmas card picture and production=high stress.  Never volunteer to help again.
-You are only cool in this office if you have weapons.  Not kidding.  Everybody has them.  Some A Lot more than others...Don't mess with me bc I now have one.
-Uncle Chick calls all the dang time.
-Dad has 3 different kind of laughs.  I only like 1.
-I hate appraising trailers. Manufactured homes if you will.
-I don't want to live in Monck's Corner or Ridgeville.
-Bankers will never ever call you back unless you pretend there is an emergency
-You will sustain injuries to yourself or your clothing while doing this job.
-I am holding my tongue because there is a lot more I would like to say, but am way to scared....

These are just thoughts.  Maybe the next 12 months I will actually make some monies....woop woop.  Maybe.  I'm not making any promises here...

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