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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bad Situation a brewin

That's right.  We are about to have a bad situation.  Stephen Sayre is about to leave the 843.  The above picture is about the time we became friends.  I'm sorry, but it still makes me laugh.  Let me rewind. Take note this will be long and probably not that interesting to you.  Sorry.  One day if any of you move away you could possibly have a dedication.  I will now chronicle our friendship..I met this young lad early on freshmen year in the dorm.  Our friendship took a while to stick.  Me being so nice/encouraging/up-beat and him-not so much.  I will spare you the details.  Moving on. This about when I was allowed by Stephen and Cody to play Halo.  Not to toot my own horn or anything, but after many hours I got pretty darn good.  Then one time we once ate lunch in Craig cafe with Amanda Oneal(old school CofC) and ended up staying for dinner.  I mean who doesn't do that...Here is a shot of 1/2 of Smith St's finest.

Lets talk about Smith St right quick.  It wasn't glamorous or clean, or even remotely clean, it smelled, I may or may not have been scared of it, a plethora of state flags, my old couch, a ginormous TV, every type of gaming system on the planet, a seat from a van that was converted to a computer chair, 1,000 bikes, tobacco pipes, musical instruments and pretty much anything else you can imagine.  It was a staple of my college experience.  It was a staple of many good people's college experience.  Courtney and I also lived on Smith St at the same time..Just a lil bit nicer area...
This would be my 21st bday.  A hair style I am not proud of.  Cody and Stephen loved me anyways...
Courtney Reed's 21st birthday.  Yeah there is not a lot to add except that it was a lot of flippin fun.  Just think.  Kareoke.  Weird guy hitting on Courtney.  It's funny, I can pretty much remember this whole night.  I sang Salt N Peppa's "push it " and squirrel sang some Journey.  Please don't be jealous.

This was during my fleece vest stage...Don't we look awesome. And super cool...I think so too.  Some of my favorite people right there.  

Another bday.  Much better hair style...So we may be graduated.  Post graduation.  Something I was majorly terrified of.  However this is also when I learned that several of my favorite people would be staying in Charleston.  Wahoo.  

Just your standard pic...with Stein and Zoolander.  Now lets fast forward.  At some point in these next few years Stephen moved onto Sullivan's to join the other really cool islanders: M Crane, Ryan B, Anna Stewart, CBReed, Ashton, Barclay, Newman, and ME.  I think Sullivan's then became a staple.  Kind of like Smith St. I guess, bit a little nicer.  So Sully's is a bit of a time warp for me.  Not sure all that happened (except I went on an 18 month sabbatical, Stephen went into the wilderness and CH is cool and got on TV.
Honestly I could go on forever.  My lunch buddy, my dinner buddy, my boat buddy, my fishing buddy.  We almost died once.  Fishing.  The day of the bridge run.  Absolutely miserable. I turned purple and had to wear a Mexican blanket..I can't explain how much I will miss getting kicked, or pinched or laughed at.  I am holding replacement interviews next month...Just kidding..In all seriousness-one of the best people I know.  I shall leave you with these..


  1. the first photo is at our old house! so fun.

  2. Hey Sarah, like the blog. Thanks for the insight into your life.