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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Second times a charm

Thanks to all who are praying for Team Shirley.  You are awesome.  Ok so I have been on the go for a while now.  Since Memorial Day I think I have spent less than 10 days in my own bed (between some awesome vacays and many a nights housesitting).  I am back.  Well until Friday.  I am embarking on a wilderness camping trip.  Into the wild I go.....Ok.  I am being a tad dramatic.  I am going on a church camping trip near Brevard.  Hopefully I will survive.  I am not really one for camping, but we shall see...At least I will be in great company.  And you can have beer.  So it can't be that bad.

Moving on.  This week I busted it and I don't think I have ever worked as hard as I did this past week.  I had a little encouragement.  If I finished all my appraisals I could head back out to Bailey Island on Thurs evening.  Well you know I couldn't pass it up.  The only bad thing is-now dad knows I can do it.  I don't want him getting the wrong idea.  Anyways, I made it back out to Edisto.  Once again, as soon as I got on the Dawhoo bridge I felt so good.  So So So happy to be back out there.  Plus the Dupre's rock it.  On Friday I must have sat in a float with a beer for about 3 hours.  GLORIOUS.  Plus there was tomato pie.  Oh and midnight golf cart rides always add a little fun to the mix. And school of rock.  Nough said.   I really can't describe how fun it is out there.  You will just have to see for yourself my friends.

So I realized we are about 3 months out from the Simon-Hensley wedding extraveganza.  The Betty Bridesmaid regime is about to begin.  Betty has been on a vacation.  Got a good tan going though...And while talking this weekend I realized I need to learn a few things about the real world.  Like dry-cleaning.  Never done it.  Shawn informed me that I should probably get my bridesmaid dress dry cleaned instead of washing it myself.  Good idea.  You know, just learning some of the basics.  We've got a lot of work to do.  I mean being #1 bridesmaid is serious work.  Shake and Bake baby.  I'm thinking I should learn a special dance for the big day?  I'm just hoping the bridal anxietyness surpasses me this go around....ha.  It's ok.  I secretly like my bridesmaiden tribulations.  Makes for a good story.  Plus I haven't been to the alteration shop in a while and they are probably really missing me by now.  Alright.  I am on the hunt for some wilderness gear.

Oh and Phil Wickam's "Divine Romance" is pretty stellar.  It's definitely getting over played in my car.  I love it.  Oh.  And who knows who Warren Zevon is?  Ha.
Love ya longtime,

                                                   Maybe one of my fav pics this summer:
This pretty much describes Hamlin in a nutshell.  Love it.

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