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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Adventures from the Wild...

You can just refer to me as Survivorsass now.  Mother nature has been conquered...Okay okay.  So my trip was not as extreme or dangerous as my previous post may have portrayed, but it was for sure a heck of a good time.  I won't bore you with the complete play by play, but I will give you the lowdown on my camping extravaganza.  It started on Fri. I had been running about town gathering supplies and what not for the trip.  PS-I got a kick butt air mattress for like 20 bucks and an awesome spork. Oh and a good ol pack of Zebra Cakes.  Sonny D picked me up and we headed for Pisgah.  I really wasn't sure what to expect.  My camping experience has been limited(once accidently in high school, Logan's backyard, and good ol Table Rock...).  But I really really wanted to like it.  No matter what.  We rolled in to camp a little later than expected, but just in time for supper.  So as we are pulling into the lower meadow I see all the cute tents all set up.  Thankfully Shawn had come up early and set up camp.  So I see their tent and then to the right of it was a tiny little midget dwarf tent.  Probably like 3.5 ft high.  No I am not exaggerating.  I immediately starting praying that it was not my tent.  Well what do ya know.  The midget tent was mine. Ha.  So I told myself, self: you can live in this tiny cocoon for a few days.  Even if you have to army crawl into it and learn to change clothes laying down....So I was bound and determined to make nice with the tent.  We stuffed my air mattress and bag into it and the camping began.  I hung a disco ball from the top just to make it a little more homey...Now that you know the living arrangements I will move on to my favorite moments of the trip.

1) Playing golf: This may sound wierd, but strangely enough it was awesome/hilarious.  Gervais and I starting playing and probably played like 5 times a day.  No this isn't your fancy lil golf.  This is backcountry golf at its finest.  More like Bocci with golf balls.  Then we partake in some Zebra Cakes.  Not gonna lie-it could be one of my new favorite sports.  So basically anything Gervais and I do ends up being based on some type of bet.  Who doesn't love a little friendly competition...So the loser of one of our tournaments had to lick a crawdad right out of the stream.  Well I don't know how (being that it was my first golfing experience and there were only right handed clubs..), but I got extremely lucky and barely squeeked by with a win.  So poor G had to lick one of those things.  Well actually someone upped the anty and he had to bite it. Live.  Ew.     Man was I glad I didn't have to do it.  I will do a lot of things, but I don't know if I was ready for that.

2) Slipping. This is hard for me to explain, but I have not laughed this hard in a good while.  So as most of you know I will do just about anything.  So on Sat morning we walked down to Whale Rock (sounds cool huh).  And we were jumping off this rock thing into the arcticly freezing water.  So all is well until we have to get back out.  Everyone is just going right on up the rocks.  I get to the top and BAM.  Down  I go.  Hilarious.  That one didn't really hurt.  Well Shawn is right in front of me.  Laughing.  Well 2 seconds later she goes down.  By now I am just laying in a puddle cracking up.  So I get back up, carefully plotting my way of travel across the rocks.  What do ya know- down I go again.  So basically I crawled back across.  OK.  fast forward a few hours.  I am nice and dry.  Still nursing my lil wounds, but  playing it cool.  Shawn and I decide to go down to this nice calm part of the stream...Well I secretly told myself I was going to remain dry and let Shawn do all the floating in the ice cold water. So we get there and the water just looks too good to ignore.  So I start making my way in and not 5 seconds later I busted it like no other.  I am talking major wipeout.  The kind that hurts so bad, but you still laugh.  You don't really know how bad it is until later.  Well trying to play it cool, I got back up secretly cussing inside.  Now I have to give Shawn some props here because she did not bust out laughing at me (I don't think...) which is opposite of what I would have done had it been the other way around.  So basically I vowed to not ever go near the slippery rocks ever ever again...Well until next year I guess

3) The twilight zone of time: Basically after we arrived I lost all concept of time.  Besides being dark and light.  I have no idea what time it was at any point of the day.  I don't know why I think this is so funny, but we would just go to sleep, wake up, eat, or whatever and I would have no idea what the dang time was.

4) Campfire: Someone (I will let them remain anonymous..) brought their own fire pit so we could have our own fires.  This is one of my favorite times of the day.  Some solar powered party lights would come on and we would chill by the fire.  We had our guitars so we would have a lil night time jam session.  As  you know I love a good jam sesh...We learned a new Eagles song and then would play our "regulars."  Some of us apparently stayed up a little too late laughing.  One of my favorite past times...

5) Midget tent: This one is a double edged sword.  I both hated and loved it.  The only time I loved it was when everyone came and got in it (See above).....I did so well until the last night.  I got cold, but had never unpacked my sleeping bag.  I could not find my flashlight or bag.  You would think it wouldn't be that hard in such a tiny space, but it was a black abyss in there.  I found my sleeping back but had rolled off of my air mattress and got stuck between the mattress and the tent in a puddle of water.  I was so delirious/pissed that I just decided to lay there.  Hours later I woke up wet to the sound of a flippin crows.  Mr. Kirk decided it would be cool to call every crow in the Pisgah forest....hahah

6) School of Rock quoting and PBR:  At least once every 10 min someone says a quote from School of Rock.  Standard. And it is said at all times going down sliding rock.  I guess you just had to be there.  But is is hilarious.  Let me move on to the PBR.  Here is where I shall defend my beer dignity.  I DO NOT DRINK PBR ON A REGULAR BASIS.  Woo.  I feel so much better.  I just happened to have some during the month of July.  Well I did purchase a 24 oz PBR in Brevard.  Just for the fun of it....I think I am good with out it for a while...

So there you have it.  In a lil nutshell.  All in all a great experience. I think I like camping.  Well it probably has a lot to do with the who you are with.  I was in awesome company with awesome people.  I sure did laugh a lot... Hopefully next year I will get invited back...

This is survivorsass signing out-
Until next time which is most likely going to be July 2011 (don't want to re enter the wilderness too early....),


**Ok I forgot something that has nothing to do with camping.  I got tickets to Ray Lamontagne and David Gray with Megan and Lulie.  Ray is my favorite person.  Tied with Van.  Anyways I called mom to tell her.  Just in case my ticket got sent there.  I want her to like Ray too.  So she kinda shrugs off my push for Ray and says: "Well Sarah.  I am actually kind of more into rap right now. You know.  Like some Black Eyed Peas and stuff."  I died laughing.  Basically my mom is very in tune with the current music scene and is probably cooler than your mom....ahahahah.

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  1. I really thought you were kidding about the disco ball, but oh no, why would i doubt that?!