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Friday, July 16, 2010

Sass vs Wild

Tonight I sit here on the eve of my descent into the wild.  Me and the earth.  One on one.  Mano y mano.  I am taking on nature.  Well camping.  In a meadow...So maybe not as extreme as I have perceived it to be...I am going with a lovely group to Pisgah.  Not positive where it is, but it's somewhere near Brevard, NC.  I have just finished packing the bare necessities: guitar, 2 books, waters, beers, multiple headlamps, air mattress, a disco ball to hang in my tent (who doesn't love a good disco ball?), more beers, diet mtn dews, Crystal Lights, granola, a knife,camera, maybe a people magazine crossword puzzle book, nuts and berries, multiple chacos, peanut butter, 2 pillows, my fish sheet, a spork, about 20,000 tshirts and most importantly Zebra Cakes.  You never know when you may need a zebra cake and they were only a buck at Wally World. Let me pause- I am now shopping for groceries at Wally World.  Holy Moly its so much cheaper.  And they even sell beer at Walmart. Crazy. Things have definitely come full circle people.  I say this, but my heart is really still a Publix.  Moving on.  I am actually a bit nervous about this weekend.  I mean I don't have a whole lot of camping experience logged in the books.  Once in Logan's backyard and once a few years ago in table rock.  I didn't make it through the night at Logan's and I had no choice, but to stay at Table Rock.  So this is my genuine go at it.  I want to like it so bad.  I am also going to give hiking a try.  Hopefully since I am going with a happy attitude, the tides will turn and I will have a new love.....Wait. Will there be bears? Stink.  Ok now I am a tid bit scared...Is it bad to take a taser?  Ugh.  So with that- I bid you farewell.  I Sarah Sass/Betty Bridesmaid am immersing myself in nature.  Hopefully I will get a good story out of it.  Don't miss me too too much.
Over and Out,
(Doesn't that sound like a super cool wilderness name...)

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  1. You sure did not come by this camping "thing" from my side of the family. I'll take a nice hotel room anytime.

    Have fun.