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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Humps (I know you decided to read this bc of it's title...)  Speed humps.  I started thinking about these the other day.  My car only like them when you go at least 30 mph.  I am dead serious.  You can ask Megan.  She always panics when I mash the gas down to hit the bumps.  If I go slow it hurts more, so I just got fast.  Anyways.  I saw something very disturbing last week on my way home from work.  So I have been going out of town a lot this month and have been working as hard as I can on the days I am there.  That being said, I haven't gotten to do a lot of my signature Betty Bridesmaid exercise routine..yet.  So I am going over the big hump on the bridge and what do I see?  So crazy freak exercise tyrant doing lunges stright up the bridge.  All of a sudden a sickening/panicked feeling came over me.  She was a stage 10 over-achiever and it made me feel bad.  I should have waited for her at Whole Foods (I bet she was going to head there for a snack) and given her a piece of my mind.  You can't be doing stuff like that at random in public.  Other people have feelings man.....HAHA.  I'm just kidding.  And by kidding I mean 67% serious.
Ok. I'm out,


  1. The whole lunge thing makes me sick. You should have kicked her ass in the parking lot. Next time.