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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dolphin Delight

I was going to comment on the little wedding that happened on Friday at crack o dawn thirty, but I will save it for later because I witnessed nature at it's finest on Saturday afternoon.  Here is the situation.  I was at the Carter house in Mcclellanville.  It was beautiful.  Lot's of people I liked.  Boat.  Beer. Boiled peanuts.  Some of us went on a little photography jaunt.  We ran into something crazy.  Dolphin were everywhere.  No lie.  (I am saying this in the most scientific way that I know how)  They were doing it.   Everywhere we turned.  Splashing around like crazy.  We were drifting right in the middle of the circle of life.  Not to sound creepy, but it was incredible.  I have never seen anything like it and I may never see it again. Never have I seen that many at once.  I have never seen them swim right up to the boat and let people touch them. Crazy.  Here is the evidence + some other weekend shots-
 (Did you know there are live pirates here also?)
 Betsy doing a back flip.  Naturally
 Spraying the birds...
 I was feeling rather patriotic

So I took some friends on the boat tonight.  It was beautiful.  We went and found some dolphins in Shem Creek.  Then we headed up the Wando and ate our delicious dinner, friendship bread and had some champagne.  I decided to show them one of my all time fav spots & explain to them why I love it.  First off-It needs to be high tide to there.  High tide is my favorite.  Being on the boat after 6pm is key.  We got to our spot at the perfect time.  The marsh was lit up by the sinking sun.  There is this little window of time, right before sunset when the sun shines down on the marsh and it is beautiful. Not too bright but just bright enough to look magical.  Plus the trees are perfectly green in the distance.  When the tide is high, you can see clear across the marsh into the next creek.  The best part is going fast through all of the turns.  The sound of the boat cutting through the water is my ALL-TIME favorite sound.  It is so cool.  I got a little sentimental.  Not sure if it took....They may think I'm crazy, but I did my best to show them the most beautiful place ever.  I mean, honestly, I could talk about how much  love this place all day long.  Oh well.  It was a beautiful night on the boat.  Seriously.  Plus we trained up a new lil captain.  We live in the greatest place ever! (Right Jenny?)
Peace out,

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  1. So I just caught up on your blog. Ive been out of town for a while. First, congrats on the big win for Herb. Second, I read two of you entries aloud to Adam and we laughed out loud appropriately. Lastly, I haven't forgotten about your pics. I do want one. But you keep putting up such good ones. Maybe you can come make my boys your subjects?