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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Tambourine

Big things happened this weekend.  Camille got married.  Loads of friends were in town.  Beth became an auntie again.  Good times were had in Mcclellanville. There was Mother's Day.  But none of those can compare to the 10 minutes or so of bliss that happened to me late Friday night.  One of my dreams became reality.  No, Prince Harry did not propose nor anything else of that nature.  Better.  I got to play the tambourine on stage while dancing with the wedding band.  And it was spectacular.  All night I had been hoping that they would pick up that big ol tambourine.  Finally they did.  Lucky for them I was having a good time.  A tiny bit of liquid courage got me up on the stage and rockin!  "Brown Eyed Girl" came on and I knew it was time.  I was eyeing the tambourine and finally someone told the man I wanted it.  So he let me up there.  It was awesome.  Total glory moment.  Then "Shout" came on so naturally I stayed up there for that one.  The best part was when I woke up Saturday morning.  I couldn't make my hand into a fist.  I immediately thought I was paralyzed (always optimistic).  I panicked not knowing what was wrong.  By now, the liquid courage had worn off.  I may not have been in my nest mood.  I was freaking out.  Well, until I realized why my hand was not functioning.  The tambourine.  I must have been smacking the bejunk out of it because my hand was killing.  It was totally worth it:)  After I gathered my self and my stuff I headed down to Mcclellanville for some good ole fashioned relaxing and it was the shrimp festival.  It was so nice.  We drank some delicious beers and ate awesome boiled peanuts all day long.  I got to play loads of ping pong and hang out with some of my favorite people.  Here are a few pics from the day:

 There was a bagpiper and a priest lady blessing all of the boats
 I wanted to be on this boat....
 Not trying to be weird here, but last weekend it was the mating dolphins.  This weekend it was the seagulls. Something is definitely in the water here...
 Here is one of my dream boats (above).  It may not look like much, but one day you will be mine:)
 Love the reflection on this one
 There is my other dream boat (above).  A Hewes.  Those people were on a nice, romantic ride.  23% jealous.
 This is Jack.  He is kind of my God-dog.  It isn't official, but I'm self declaring it.
This lil boat reminded my of Dawson's Creek so I immediately took a picture of it. 

So that's about it for the weekend.  Hope yours was good.  

Love you long time,


  1. you killed that tambourine. go girl!

  2. My new favorite word is "bejunk." It is so descriptive. I'm not kidding. You think of the best words.

  3. thats in my front yard in McClellanville!!!!!! i didnt know you frequent McClellanville!! come by and hang out sometime!!