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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

True Confessions

#1-Last night we had a crazy storm here.  Like super intense.  The thunder woke me up.  The lightning literally lit up my room for what seemed like hours.  I'm not being dramatic here.  I'm going to ball park it, but I was about 47% kind of scared.  I woke up at 4:16 am.  A little too scared to get out of the bed.  It sounded like the thunder was cracking on top of our house.  I must have been half awake and half asleep or something because crazy thoughts were going through my head.  The storm felt like it lasted for hours, but there's no way. It got pretty intense at one point and I may have let my unconscious thoughts get the best of me....I blame the middle of the night on this, but it may or may not have crossed my mind that maybe the end was here... Crazy, I know, but I was tired & scared.  What else does one do?  So I threw out some prayers.  Serious prayers.  Tried to cut a few last minute deals.. just kidding.  They were heartfelt ones thank you very much.  I try not to think about things like that, but sometimes the ol mind does wander.... Which is kind of scary.  Thankfully I fell back asleep at some point  only to wake up a few hours later in disbelief that I imagined the end of the world-as a thunderstorm... Well, now you know I am a SPAZ (if you weren't positive before).

#2-I hate disappointment.  Seriously.  I am an optimist in many things, but I must be a pessimist in others because I tend to always prepare for the letdown.  I try not to get the ol hopes up.  I'm tired of it.  Going to need to work on that one I guess.

#3-I love Metto, but their iced coffee holds no candle to Starbucks.  What does one do?

That's all for now,


  1. Point #3 is false, please stop using this medium to spread lies.

  2. bahahahaha!! dave!