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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cherry anyone?

Cherries.  I used to really enjoy them.  Now-not so much.  I take that back.  I love a good cherry coke.  However I can now never eat a regular Cherry.  Why you ask?  Liz Bailey.  Let me elaborate.  On one beautiful day, a good crowd of us were down at the Carmody's dock.  Now we were snacking on some boiled peanuts, fried chicken and choice beverages.  Then Liz males her way down the dock.  Low and behold, what is that back of red things?  Cherries.  Like 75 lbs of cherries.  So the group indulges in some cherries.  Well not to soon after the feasting it was time for some tubing and wake skating.  Well Liz got on the boat.  Which means she got on the tube.  Crazy tubing at that.  About 20 minutes after the boat departed I saw a nice cloud of red water float on by.  Poor Liz lost her cherries on the tube in the Charleston Harbor.  That's right.  It wasn't very enjoyable to watch.  So as you can imagine, it is a bit hard to joyfully eat, let alone look at big red cherries....

This goes out to Liz,

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